WUNC uncovers disgusting behavior by lawmakers in NC Legislature

And what can only be described as a blatant cover-up of said behavior:

The first incident happened ten years ago when Representative David Almond (R-Stanly) allegedly exposed himself to his legislative assistant – and then masturbated on an office chair. The legislative assistant reportedly filed a complaint, and legislators dealt with the situation swiftly.

"The chair we put away. There was semen on the chair. We went to the individual and dealt with the situation," said House Representative Julia Howard (R-Forsyth), who was on the Legislative Ethics Committee at that time. "We put a fine line in the sand and addressed it. That’s the end of your story."

Uh, no. The lack of exposure this incident received because you and others decided that "story" should not be told at the time is a story in itself. And it's a good bet at least part of that story is the desire not to impugn a Republican when they were counting on capitalizing on the imprisonment of Democrat Jim Black:

One day after former House Speaker Jim Black was sentenced to federal prison for corruption, a state lawmaker resigned amid allegations of "serious, inappropriate conduct."

Rep. David Almond Jr., R-Stanly, submitted his resignation to the House Republican Caucus Thursday morning after someone leveled misconduct claims against him.

"I intend to defend myself against these charges in whatever forum may be appropriate," Almond said in a letter to caucus members. "In the meantime, I have concluded it's in the best interests of my family and my constituents to resign from the General Assembly."

The nature of the allegations against Almond, an insurance agent and two-term representative from Stanfield, hasn't been disclosed. However, the lawmaker's legislative assistant suddenly cleaned out her desk last week and left his office, officials said.

No doubt the statute of limitations has expired on that particular crime (yes, it's a crime), so the term "obstruction of justice" comes to mind. Dude should be registered as a sex offender, but instead he's going into people's living rooms and selling life insurance.

Back to the original article, and something that makes me even madder than Almond jerking off in front of his assistant:

Another notable incident took place in January 2003.

A then-26-year-old lobbyist named Marisol Jimenez entered a meeting with Representative Daniel McComas (R-New Hanover). It was her first week working at the General Assembly. According to Jimenez, McComas immediately pointed to a tattoo on the back of her neck that was exposed by a ponytail.

"He notices it, he remarks on it, and then he proceeds to take me by the ponytail and pull me around his office, from legislative staffer’s desk, to legislative staffer's desk saying… 'Can you believe what she has on her neck'?" she said.

Jimenez's boss at the time, Andrea Bazan, was also at that meeting and laughed it off in the moment. The incident lasted twenty to thirty seconds, Jimenez said. She also tried to downplay it.

"But he was for sure dragging me around his office by my ponytail," she said.

Bazan corroborated the incident in an interview with WUNC.

It's a good thing I wasn't there to see that, because Evil Steve would have kicked his ass down the hall, down the stairs, and out the f**king door. Who does that? Seriously, who would have the arrogance and lack of respect to grab a woman's hair and drag her around? A woman he had just met, not that it's cool to do that to somebody you know. Sheesh.