You can help make the Clashing With Titans documentary

They've begun Phase 2 of the project, but they need your help to continue. And once finished, your contribution will live on just like the movie.

Here's a little background on the folks behind this:

Director/ Producer

Joshua James Prindiville is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington's Film Studies program. For the past five years Joshua has been a producer of online media for local companies and international non-profit organizations. He has written and directed several short films. His 2007 short, Shadow, was an official selection at the "Scene First International Film Festival." Roller Girls, Joshua's first experience with documentary as editor and cinematographer, was voted a "crowd favorite" at the "Cucalorous International Film Festival" in 2009. This summer he was the second unit director on the feature narrative film, Don't Know Yet. Clashing with Titans will be Prindiville's first feature-length documentary film as director.


Shar Olivier studied film at the New School for Social Research in New York City and acting at The Actor's Studio. She earned a Masters degree in Environmental Management from Duke's Nicholas School for the Environment. She has worked in both documentary and narrative film since 1995. She has lived in North Carolina for ten years and became interested in the Titan controversy upon moving to Wilmington three years ago. She is committed to environmental integrity, business development and to transparency from our elected officials.

What we need and where it's going

This film is four years in the making. In order to complete this film, we will need additional funding. These funds will enable us to obtain the vital equipment and talented professionals we need to complete this film.

Every dollar raised will go to into production, camera, sound, and the talented individuals to operate them. It will go into additional researchers, field producers and grips. It will go into festival submission fees and promotion. It will go to licensing, scoring and editing. It will go into animation and sound mixing, to name a few of the vital components. In a nutshell, the funds raised with your valued contribution will will be the capitol needed to finish producing this film. Your investment will bring this story to the silver screen and global audiences.

Titan Cement is a multi-billion-dollar multi-national corporation, with money to burn on lawyers and lobbyists and such. But if the behavior of this company can be documented, including their heinous SLAPP suits, all that money they've earned by polluting the world's environment might not shield them from the public's justifiable concern and contempt. This needs to be done, folks.