You can participate in a quiet coup...and destroy JP Morgan. Do it!

Would you, for about $30 (the current cost of buying of an ounce of silver.. ie, a Silver Dollar)) assist in the demise of one of the most rapacious wall street firms and perhaps help start a quiet revolution? If so, all you have to do is go to a silver trading site (MONEX or Northwest Territorial Mint, for example) and buy and demand delivery on a silver dollar...or any other physical ounce ingot, other silver coins, etc.

I suggest you read this: JP MORGAN getting squeezed...

And then I suggest you read this:

Global Banks fear unruly peasants

which discusses what may be happening in France today as ordinary folks create a run on the banks and ask for their money.

Please note: Buying silver in large quantities is a risky investment.


Question -

Stan - I purchase silver materials for jewelry making, etc. Does this have the same effect? I am truly the unwashed proletariat when it comes to markets, etc. I'm all for bringing down the big guys - and if I can help do it by buying things that I will use in the course of a few months at the same time - so much the better!

I assume so, Linda...

because silver is used for many things other than coins and bullion. I believe the premise here is that reducing the supply of available silver, which JP Morgan must have to meet it's paper obligations, will drive up the price and thereby put Morgan isn a very difficult position. They won;t be able to actually produce the silver they say they to speak...because they won't be able to get it except by bankrupting themselves.

Stan Bozarth

Thanks, Stan!

I have adjusted my on hand inventory accordingly. To hell with them.