Re: impending gov't shutdown, Democrats in Congress should:


Background for poll question here

Read all about how Republicans gave a standing ovation to Boehner when he said to "prepare for a shutdown."

It's time to let them get credit for their obstructionism.

I figure it doesn't much matter.

From what I've read only "non-essential" services would be affected. Maybe parks would close and so on, ...and those who are inconvenienced in some way will be good recruits for the Democratic Party. I just hope they turn the lights and A/C off in the Capitol and House/Senate office buildings. What could be less essential than these bloviating fools? I have a great idea about how to plug the leak in Japan's reactor... :-)

Stan Bozarth

It matters

Depending on what gets classified as essential vs. non-essential, we could see the widespread grinding to a halt of many public services. Medicare and Social Security payments, for example, could stop. Unemployment payments. Passport processing. Procurement offices. A wide range of R&D activities. Military dependent services. VA services. Reimbursements to states. It's all potentially on the line.

Naturally, those most in need would be the ones most hurt.

Yeah, this is the main reason

my vote in this poll fell into the strangely small minority of "keep it running". A lotta regular folks would suffer varying degrees of lost services.

Letting government shutdown is really a win-win for Republicans. If the world doesn't end (it won't, of course), they'll find it easier to justify massive cuts to the budget. Plus, most of those people who suffer will blame "government" instead of the ones who shut it down.

Well, I mentioned in an earlier post

that I had decathected. I figure a shutdown is not in my power to influence and the more evil they do the sooner the revolution will come. Let all the morons who depend on these programs, yet who voted republican, get a taste of what they asked for.

Stan Bozarth

Here's what Meteor Blades at dKos has to say about

who would be affected by a shut down. Shutdown

I'm sticking with my initial reaction. Let the GOP do all the damage they can and then let them pay for it at the polls...only, of course to be replaced by spineless Democrats who will dither themselves to defeat again in the next election.

Stan Bozarth

Looks like Obama

Striking For The Republican Jesus and Billions of Corporate Gold

No doubt the National Football Leaque Players Union is running the Republican shut down the goverment movement.. Who said the Republicans were against Unions?