Friday fracking video


With NCs current government, it is not a matter of if....

It is a matter of when North Carolinians will be poisoned by contaminated Fracking Waste Water.

When that happens absolutly nobody in the NC General Assembly will be held responsible.

It will be citizens taking corporations to long and expensive court battles.

The Republicans in the NC House and Senate will sitting back, watching the show and counting their money.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Fracking is Hell!,,,,,
If anyone has the chance and can review and watch the stories I have posted in this comment, one will see the price we will pay in the long run. There Needs to be a balance. This is insane, void of morality, and appreciation of what GOD has given us. Lets THINK before we Act!

Yes, it is

And thanks for the links. If we're not smart enough to learn from other people's mistakes, our future is a bleak one.