Group Trolls George Holding at GOP Fundraiser

"Congressman Holding: Hands Off Our Health Care"

“CONGRESSMAN HOLDING: HANDS OFF OUR HEALTHCARE” was the message welcoming George Holding this weekend at the Red, White, and BBQ picnic sponsored by the East Wake Republican Club.

The airplane banner ad, promoted by North Carolinians For a Fair Economy, flew over the GOP picnic on Saturday night. The event, billed by the organizers as “the largest conservative gathering in the state,” confirmed that Congressman Holding, as well as other elected officials, were in attendance.

Tuesday News: Blood money


TILLIS CAMPAIGN ACCUSED OF ILLEGAL COORDINATION WITH NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION: A national report tying millions of dollars in National Rifle Association political spending to a major campaign vendor for U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis has opened more questions of illegal coordination in the rough-and-tumble 2014 Senate race. The Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C., filed a Federal Election Commission complaint in the matter Monday. This is the second time this year the group has reached back to Tillis' 2014 election and suggested illegal coordination by outside groups. Monday when the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed a criminal complaint against a Russian national accused of infiltrating the gun-rights group, the NRA's political spending is under new scrutiny.Tillis and fellow North Carolina Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr have been two of the two top three members of Congress to benefit from NRA political spending in recent years. North Carolina's status as a swing state brings massive amounts of money and advertising from a number of outside groups.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Apparently the fix was in:

I genuinely hope this doesn't turn tragic, but after a couple more years of Trumpism, 2020 could be one of the ugliest years in American history. It won't be a garden party, that's for sure.

Introducing Kristen Powers for Alamance County Commissioner

"After Charlottesville, some of the Alamance County commissioners made comments so hurtful to people of color that my black friends refused to come back to that building. It may have been the comment that somebody’s family slaves were considered workers or perhaps the part where a commissioner was willing to spend money rebuilding a torn down statue instead of allocating funds to repair deteriorated rooftops on schools. In North Carolina, the county commissioner is powerful. Unfortunately, in Alamance County, there are only a few who are using that power for good. When I saw that one of them was essentially running unopposed, I decided that I had to step in."

Editor's note: Kristen is a friend, but she's also *exactly* what is needed on our County Commission these days. She's not only intelligent, but she puts that intelligence to work for the good of all people, especially those who need it the most, in her work for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Here's more about her decision to run:

Struggling in the Gap: NC GOP's refusal to expand Medicaid is a health crisis

The march of the walking wounded:

In the spring of 2017, a tractor trailer side-swiped the car Hendell Curtis was driving not far from his North Raleigh home. His longtime lack of health insurance made getting needed medical care afterwards a physcial and financial minefield.

The crash left Curtis requiring surgery to install a metal plate to stabilize weakened vertebrate in his lower back. A settlement from the truck driver’s auto insurance will cover the surgery, but only AFTER it is complete.

Get that? The accident was not his fault, but he is the one living with a broken back because of it. Let down by the system, let down by the ideologues running the General Assembly. And (of course) if he'd had enough money to hire a fancy lawyer, the settlement from the insurance company would have paid for everything upfront, with enough left over to live on for the rest of his life. But that's another world, one that he and many others can only read about. Here's more about the Gap:

Monday News: The GOP Clown Car cometh


PUBLIC MEETING TODAY ON CHARLOTTE'S LIKELY HOSTING OF RNC 2020 CONVENTION: Charlotte, North Carolina, a Democrat-dominated city whose transgender-friendly bathroom ordinance triggered a statewide political war, is a front-runner to host the 2020 Republican Convention where President Donald Trump seeks an anointing to run for a second term. Charlotte's mayor says that would be just fine. But some local Democratic officials say: Not so fast. The City Council has scheduled a special meeting Monday to decide whether to accept a yet-to-be-extended offer from the GOP. Published reports suggest Charlotte is favored to land the convention. Fellow council member Braxton Winston said in a video that Charlotte should slow down and discuss whether it should pursue the convention. "We would be asking the people of Charlotte to host a celebration for a brand of politics that has been highly divisive and some would say dangerous to our community," Winston wrote.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


LEGISLATORS' PLOTTING TO SOW DYSFUNCTION IN GOVERNMENT MUST END: Purposefully creating dysfunctional local boards of elections by making them four member boards (two Republicans and two Democrats). In Wake County, Republicans seeking to depress the vote of young people, oppose a voting site on the N.C. State University campus – where there are always very high turnouts. The local board split 2-2. Now the battle goes to the state board – and perhaps even to the courts. Similar dysfunction has infected election boards in Orange, Guilford and Forsyth counties.Shouldn’t legislators be working toward building systems that can develop consensus, resolve differences and make decisions? Shouldn’t board of elections be working on ways to make it as easy as possible to get the most citizens to vote? Apparently not in North Carolina.

School uniforms required after forced privatization of Ashpole Elementary

Because apparently "choice" is only an option for parents and not students:

Eric Hall, Superintendent for the ISD, added, “In addition to fostering a sense of community and school spirit, student uniforms will help make mornings easier for families by eliminating discussions about what to wear from morning routines; relieve school staff from administering school dress codes, reduce the potential for teasing with regards to a student’s attire, and they’re economical.”

Wait, I thought charter schools were supposed to be an incubator for creative thought, a radical shift away from the "conformity" of the factory-styled public school model, a monument to freedom of thought, a paradigmatic shift...You're right, I'm being facetious. The school choice movement has nothing to do with innovation, and everything to do with social engineering and money-making. Expecting them to operate in the way they've promised in order to sell their destructive policies is an exercise in futility. Also, we'll see how "economical" those uniforms are going down the road. Parents will be buying replacements before Halloween rolls around.


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