Another Fine Mess Redux

Millions of Americans have been in a "financial crisis" for decades. The poor. The uninsured. The uneducated. The unemployed. The list goes on. And free marketers and Republicans and many Democrats have sought to limit and reduce government assistance to help the victims of this crisis. Now when millionaires on Wall Street face the potential of having their yachts confiscated we now have a "crisis" that demands government handouts?

Western North Carolina's Unstable Mountain Real Estate

Property damage caused by soil erosion is commonplace, expensive to repair and uninsurable.

North Carolina scientists have determined that the soil composition on mountain slopes in the western region of the state is “unsuitable” or “poorly suited" for major subdivision development.

42 Days: Dole's silence is finally speaking louder than words

DAY 42

Amid the Wall Street chaos last week, Elizabeth Dole promised to use her seat on the Banking Committee to investigate what exactly went wrong. However, she has been silent at more the 60 committee meetings previously, and last Thursday, Dole was again silent at the committee’s first hearing since the financial turmoil began. Based on transcripts, it is unclear if she was even present for the hearing. Another broken promise to North Carolinians at a time when they need an effective voice in Washington, and now Dole's silence is finally speaking louder than words.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 42 days.

Jack Betts on the Pacman

I like much of what Betts writes. He's been around a long time and knows how to cut through the bull. Which is why it is disappointing to see him write something this dumb about Pac McCrory.

These are two seasoned campaigners and experienced public officials who have differing ideas about how to do things – though they apparently agree on things, too, such as keeping illegal immigrants out of community colleges, drilling somewhere offshore and finding more money for schools. Perdue has moved to the right in hopes of attracting conservative votes, though her opposition to illegal immigrants in community colleges risks losing some Democrats she was counting on to help her.


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