Dole comes out of hiding and starts lying right off the bat - media turns a blind eye.

The media has given Elizabeth Dole a pass. She has been hidden from the voters of North Carolina. Her campaign site - still no list of events. Her Senate site - no updated events since July. Why is Elizabeth Dole, who is losing to Kay Hagan, hiding from the voters?

Google searches reveal that Bob Dole has been campaigning all over North Carolina for his wife, but that she has been largely cloistered.

Two political observations

First: Did anyone notice a certain NC congressman who is in the fight for his political survival showed up as the fifth richest member in Congress? Not that there's anything wrong with being rich (sorry, folks, it's true). But I think it is fair to say that if you have increased your wealth as much as he has between 2006 and 2008 (even thru inheritance), and your district has lost massive wealth also between 2006 and 2008, it shows that A) you may be out of touch with your constituents and B) your individual success seems more important than your district's success.

Open thread

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What's on your alleged mind today? I'm unnerved on the global economic collapse created by the Republican Party. It's like being on a train that's speeding over a cliff, with no ability to pull the emergency brake.

Advice from John Hood?

Late though it may be, Mr. Hood appears to be coming to an awareness of the stunning and gross incompetence of the Republican Party. His party. The party that has given us over the course of seven short years: immoral war, a second great Depression, sanctioned torture, dangerous infringement of personal freedom, and worse. Hood doesn't come out and say it straight - he's not honest enough to do that - but it's all right there between the lines.

Today we are witnessing Bush-by-the-book: screw things up, party like there's no tomorrow, and leave all the problems to someone else. In this case, the disaster will fall into the hands of Democrats in Congress and a very likely Democratic president.

Rachel Hunter [Madame Justice] Judical State Wide Picks


Dear Friends and Voters:

I have taken the summer off and my partner, better known as “Max the Dog” has recovered from his first surgery on one leg and is gearing up for surgery on the other. I will not have much time after the next surgery and so much has been happening that I thought I would comment briefly on it.

Clear Skies Required for The Cliffs at High Carolina Land Sales

Smog covered downtown Asheville on July 21, 2008. A Code Orange air quality alert was issued for most of Western North Carolina, especially mountain elevations. Photo compliments of the Asheville Citizen-Times.

It is all about the timing.


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