Just saw the NC delegation on TV

Hello from Denver - Just saw the NC delegation on local TV having a grand ol time on the floor last night.

Another big day today. I am going to be hitting the Take Back America/Backbone Campaign event, Blogger BBQ (probably a cookout, don't expect to see any BBQ there, lol) with Howard Dean, Free Speech TV Benifit, and I will be representing the Harry Taylor campaign at the Progressive Cong. Caucus event tonight.

The Lion Roars, Michelle Soars! Democratic National Convention Video Roundup

"I have come here tonight to stand with you to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States," Senator Ted Kennedy roared as he appeared before the Democratic National Convention.

"Teddy" as Caroline affectionately referred to him during her introduction is battling brain cancer but is not giving up the good fight. "The dream lives on!" Kennedy told us tonight.

Red right returning?

One mnemonic they teach at the Naval Academy - red right returning - is designed to help newbies remember which side of a channel red buoys are on. (The are on the right when you're returning to port.) The saying came to mind today when I spent a few hours studying the issues around Easley's veto of the Boating in the Fast Lane bill.

I've written all my representatives asking them to uphold the Governor's veto. From all I can see, the bill is just another suck-up to business interests, exactly what you'd expect from a North Carolina Senate who jumps at every chance to put profits ahead of people.

But maybe, just maybe, representatives in the House will hold the line on this egregious legislation. Why? Because it will kill people. Just ask the State Highway Patrol.


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