Liddy's Money Part Three: The Bush Cabal

Much has been said about Elizabeth Dole's voting record in the Senate being strongly supportive of President George Bush's misguided policies, and that is a legitimate issue by itself. But I believe her behavior as a party apparatchik and deal facilitator has had a much more profound impact on the way our country operates and the direction in which our tax dollars flow. And the more North Carolinians are exposed to the truth about her dealings, the more likely they will realize that she's a salesperson to the moneyed elite, as opposed to a public servant.

Rules to bail by

If you read nothing else on the bailout debacle, read this column by Dean Baker, posted at NC Policy Watch.

The events of the last week showed the urgency of dealing with the financial crisis. There is a real risk that the banking system will freeze up, preventing ordinary business transactions, like meeting payrolls. This would quickly lead to an economic disaster with mass layoffs and plunging output. The Fed and Treasury are right to take steps to avert this disaster. While there is an urgency to put a bailout program in place, there are several important issues that Congress should address in the context of bailout.

Murphy to Manteo

I will be using this blog as way to write about my daily interactions with the citizens of North Carolina. I will be taking a 100 hour, 25 county listening tour of the state. Every night I will take time on here to tell you about my day.

Silver Mountain Baptist Church Group at Obama event

Disclaimer: The minister or church officials were not present or endorsing Barack Obama. These are members of a group at the church who attended the event together.

You can feel the positive energy. Barack Obama was wonderful, but the energy directed toward positive change coming from his supporters topped his speech in my book.

Ty Harrell Event in Morrisville!!

Here is some information about a District Dialogue with an awesome canidate!! I'm a student who is working on the campaign and it is a great opportunity to find out about how Representative Ty Harrell feels about transportation and get to discuss your problems and concerns with the transit system in the Triangle. It will an exciting discussion if you are interested in the subject! If you have never met Ty it is a great opportunity to meet him and see why we should support him!


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