Electricities: Incompetence run amok

One of the BlueNC watchdogs that keep an eye on Electricities alerted us earlier this week that the incompetent organization was screwing up again, this time striking a questionable deal with a legislator-turned-lobbyist. Today, Rob Schofield at NC Policy Watch, digs a little deeper.

Moore v. Cooper?

Just in case you had any delusions that the world, the country and the state had stepped through the looking glass into happy land, rumblings of discord are already rolling through the hallowed halls in Raleigh. In this instance, the N&O claims there's a turf-battle brewing between Richard Moore and Roy Cooper over who gets to hire lawyers to sue on behalf of the State of North Carolina.

PBS on Lee Atwater HOLY DEPRESSING Godawful downer of a tale

Of course, as with any biography, it's all in the telling. I don't know what the many friends of Atwater who participated in the documentary would make of this final product. I would say an effort was made to show the "human" part of Atwater. That seems to have consisted largely in his genuine appreciation for and delight in music, especially blues. But frankly, that was about it as far as the "likeable about Atwater" aspect extended.

It certainly gives him his due for intelligence, energy and determination, but neither does it stint on the outright evil behind his success stories. I don't think Mary Matalin's contributions did much to offset the impression that this guy is a model for any unrepentant cynic whose aim in politics isn't connected to a specific agenda so much as it is to WINNING at any cost.
In this regard, it was pretty depressing.

And then it got even more depressing.


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