Dole attacks Freedom of Religion and does not attend church often

Under the Dome is reporting that Elizabeth Dole is criticizing Kay Hagan for receiving support from "anti-religion" groups.

Republican U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole is attacking Democratic challenger Kay Hagan for raising money from “anti-religion activists” at an upcoming event in Boston.

Hagan is appearing at a fundraiser by two people who do not follow the tenets of Christianity, a clear attack on our Constitutionally-derived rights to Freedom of Religion.

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.

Nancy Pelosi: At Last a Seat at the Table

I live-blogged Monday's session at Unconventional Women that featured our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. She did a beautiful job speaking to the topic of bringing more women into public life despite the interruptions by Code Pink members.

The moderator is Ambassador Swanee Hunt, president of Hunt Alternatives Fund.

Wait, Elizabeth Dole is worth how much?

Okay, there has been talk for some time about how Elizabeth Dole is out of touch with North Carolina. There is a joke I heard around town that she hasn't visited the state since her fellow North Carolinian James K. Polk was President, she sends staff members to OLF forums that were advertised as "ask the Senator" events, and she had to shoot a commercial showing her standing in front of town signs to show she had been here - at least for that week.

But, out of touch is one thing, stinking rich and out of touch is another. Elizabeth Dole's biography is murky, but there is no mention of her having a lot of family money and I remember seeing her "home", it looked like a normal working class house, so I assume she doesn't have family money. She is married to a WWII veteran and long-time Senator, and Senator's don't make much dough in the Senate. She has been a student or government employee outside North Carolina for almost 50 years, neither of which pay very well.

So, how did she get so stinking rich?

Net Worth: From $18,523,145 to $69,211,000
Ranks 7th among all members of the Senate

Effectively Engaging Young Voters - 2 Mutual Interviews with Leaders of the Bus Federation

Here are two brilliant guys. On the heels of my post about how the Spiritual Progressives are failing to get young people involved, I got two interviews with guys who are masters at that game.

Meet Jefferson Smith of the Oregon-based Bus Project and Matt Singer of Forward Montana. Check out The Bus Federation and Trick-Or-Vote for some of the great work they're doing.


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