This is truly shameful. If there were any lingering thoughts that Vietnam vet and POW John McCain was a man of honor (a term, by the way, which he struggled to define in a recent Time magazine article ... now we know why), the latest McCain-Palin campaign ad criticizing Obama on education should put those notions to rest

Time to come clean, Pat McCrory

Tonight in the WRAL debate, Mayor Pat McCrory said of the guys who work around his house installing floors: “these people frankly make more money than I do.” Which raises this important question:

How much money did Pat McCrory actually make working at Duke Energy?

As far as I know, McCrory continues to refuse to disclose his personal financial statements. No one except for his handlers knows how rich he's gotten as a pusher for Big Oil. So unless he made less than $20 or $25 an hour at Duke Energy, he's either pulling a Pinocchio, or he's paid his floor guy a boatload of money to keep quiet about something.

What's the deal, Pat? How much money are you paying your floor guy? And is it really more than you made as a career executive at Duke Energy? If not, what the heck is going on? Do you stretch the truth at the drop of a hat just to score political points? Are you another Sarah Palin "maverick" who's never met a lie she couldn't tell?

It's time to come clean, Pat McCrory, We demand it.

Day 56: Dole leaves teachers out to dry

DAY 56

On the campaign trail in 2002, Elizabeth Dole made empty promises to support tax deductions for teachers and other incentives such as signing bonuses. But once Dole got to Washington, it’s like the teacher had left the room. She voted against extending teacher tax deductions, against loan forgiveness for teachers, and against funding teacher quality programs that would have significantly enhanced North Carolina classrooms. If you think answering to one teacher is tough, how does Dole plan to answer to the some 90,000 North Carolina teachers who lost their tax deductions so that the wealthiest Americans could enjoy tax breaks?

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 56 days.

Introducing Liddy's Slippers

How many of you have seen the new site, Liddy's Slippers? It's red. It's pink. It has some great information in it.

I got a kick out of the section that lists how much it will cost to send Liddy back to Kansas where she was registered to vote for most of her voting life.

A bus ticket from DC to Kansas: $177

Plane ticket from DC to Kansas: $319

Taxi from Capitol to Watergate: $6.25

Fill up Liddy's Gas Tank: $75

A train ticket from DC to Kansas: $147

Of course, there's a contribute button after that. Great idea, though because there is an amount for everyone.

The site also has great information on how Dole has failed the people of North Carolina.

Can you hear me now? - How Pat McCrory is Dismissing the Deaf

Pat McCrory is the only major candidate running for political office who currently does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. From The Poison Pen Register we get this:

There is something unique about Pat McCrory's political ads. In sea of politicking, McCrory is the only major candidate who does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. I've watched his ads since May, and nary a caption is in sight. As I type now, his “Status Quo” ad is on and no closed captions appear. To me and the nearly 1 million North Carolinians with hearing loss, it's a pointless ad featuring two old men jabbering together. Pat, what is the point?

Congressman Robin Hayes! Shame on you.

I came to the conclusion that Robin Hayes would steal the shirt off a homeless man's back when he used a photograph of Larry Kissell that I own the copyright to in his promotional mailers back in 2006. He used my property without my permission and without compensating me not once, but twice. He used it the second time after having received a cease and desist order from me.

Maybe I'm not the right person to ask if Robin Hayes would stoop to stealing, especially since my mind is already made up. Maybe you don't think using copyrighted property (intellectual property) without permission is stealing.


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