When Their Mouth Is Moving ...

Former Nixon staffer John Dean recently wrote a piece for FindLaw.com that pretty much captures the utter corruption of the Bush administration and the Republican party. The piece is on the separation of powers and how the Dick Cheney has pretty much ignored it and become a force unto himself. He writes about Cheney's Big Lie that, according to Dean, pretty much sealed our fate with regard to Iraq. It occurred in a meeting with Dick Armey.

46 Days: Dole votes against Medicare and Medicaid funding 11 times

DAY 46

Today, Kay unrolls her plan to bring affordable, accessible healthcare to families in North Carolina and around the country. Millions of hardworking families depend on Medicare and Medicaid to stay healthy, but Elizabeth Dole has voted against funding these vital programs 11 times since she entered the Senate. She’s also voted against health care for North Carolina’s neediest children, leaving it up to the state to figure out how to care for them. That kind of health care record makes North Carolinians sick.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 46 days.


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