Meanwhile, back in the 10th

Daniel Johnson is seriously taking it to lil' Pat McHenry. If I thought prayin' would help, I'd be down on my knees asking some body to intervene and rid that district of McHenry's corrupt and hate-filled ways.

But in what is expected to be a good year for Democrats, political newcomer Daniel Johnson - a decorated Navy veteran and a double amputee - is making a solid run at 10th District Rep. Patrick McHenry, the youngest member of the House and an aggressive conservative who gleefully needles the opposition.

Max The Dog under the knife again Monday! Palin to do surgery?

Yep! Here I go again! As most of you know, 60 days ago they fix the right side of my leg arties in a thrilling 6 hour operation at Duke. Early Monday AM they go for the left side which should fix me up first class as the other operation was a total success. This is simply a political medical operation which should move me to the middle of the political process, in short road kill, since most middle of road politics means you are going to get run over from both directions. As usual, Members at this site are to continue to following my orders,

1. Pound Art Pope and all of his fascist Republician fronts
2. Pound Blackwater until they surrender without terms.
3. Banished the Republican Party from Humanity and this planet forever,
4. Tell Art Pope that his trust funds are frozen by the new owners of the Wachovia Bank and that he is not entitle to the Bailout plan in the house today.
5. Inform Blackwater, that the bailout does not include them after November 4 th and that all of their employees will be transfer to Taco Bell as servers.

Other than these comments, I will be back in a week or so unless the Communists at Chapel Hill kidnap me and hold me hostage until the Bailout plan is approve.....Good hunting and remember the fool you vote for just might be a republican in drag

Why it <was> important that you Make the Calls to Washington This Morning

The historic vote about to take place in the House is going to cost us $700 billion. It's either going to help the credit markets or simply pass our money to benefit shareholders of private corporations.

Whatever you may believe, call you Representative now. Use your voices.

My thoughts below the fold.

McCrory on health care, a photocopy of....John McCain?

John McCain has a lousy health care plan. A lousy plan. As Joe Biden described last night.

Pat McCrory supports this fantasy, free-market health care plan, and what's more he thinks that when you do go into the open market there shouldn't be "mandates". Right, because mandates are like taxes - they are the boogey man. Or, are they?


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