Joan Tao Vlog Mutual Interview from the DNC

This is my final mutual interview from the convention. It's kind of a human interest story.

Joan Tao was a law student at the University of Chicago in the mid-90's (I was at the social work school there about the same time), and she took a constitutional law seminar with Barack Obama. Now she's a lawyer in Greensboro, and one of the Obama campaign's top fundraisers in the state.

Watch these clips to hear us talk about Barack Obama the professor, our experiences with fundraising, Joan's hopes for an Obama Presidency, and my connection between practicing social work and supporting Barack Obama.

Here's part 1:

Turning off Anonymous User Access to BlueNC

Now that I'm home I need to address the denial of service attack we suffered last week. I will be turning off access to BlueNC by anonymous users until we have addressed this issue. Please log in if you wish to access BlueNC. Anonymous users should be able to see the front page and this message. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ricardo Dew is doing a great job of holding ElectriCities accountable what about you?

Mr. Dew is always doing something. He is on the radio in Wilson weekly educating the folks about ElectriCities and other issues that affect them in Wilson and surrounding counties. I call in and encourage him almost weekly to keep the faith and know that he has some support because sometimes the phone lines do not ring.

I encourage the folks in Wilson and surrounding counties to support this brother's efforts. He is doing a great thing.

See his latest letter to the editor.

Hold ElectriCities Accountable

See related link:

ElectriCities at a glance

Katie Halper, Aaron and John on DNC PUMAs,Palin, and the 'Biden Jazzy Lunge'

So here is the convention week wrap up folks, straight from Denver's own Aaron Silverstein and John E. from Square State along with the Katie Halper of Netroots Nation/Huffpo/open left etc.

If you are looking for a chance to take a funny look at the convention week, check out these videos...


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