Drinking Liberally Chapel Hill

Drained, Glistening, and Still, the Evening's Real Heroes Wait Selflessly For Another Chance to ServeAnybody interested in a Chapel Hill Drinking Liberally? Both the Raleigh and Greensboro forums look dead, and the DL posts on Scrutiny Hooligans and BlogAsheville always make me so jealous. Anyone?

UPDATE: It'sBailey's tonight (Thursday, 3/2) at 7pm. There have been some other good suggestions, so we should figure out tonight where we'll meet in the future.

Walking the Precinct

A reminder today from the AFL-CIO: you live in a precinct, and your efforts to get out the vote will be key to future progressive victories. Contact your Dem County Chair and get involved.

Appearing at an AFL-CIO press conference to unveil its '06 political gameplan, AFSCME President and longtime Dem political strategist Gerald McEntee admitted yesterday afternoon that "progressives learned a hard lesson" in the '04 cycle: relying on paid turnout efforts is a recipe for failure.

Without being asked, McEntee, who also chairs the AFL's political cmte, stated bluntly that the millions of dollars Dems and liberals put into the 527s for GOTV in '04 were ineffective in the face of the GOP's volunteer effort. Or, as McEntee put it, the Dems' "stranger-to-stranger" ground game was "trounced" by the GOP's "neighbor-to-neighbor strategy."

Hotline On Call: Mea Culpa: Unions And Turnout

Toll Roads Coming All Over the State

I noted in this post that Triangle residents should be getting ready for tolls. The truth of the matter is that if we do not create viable alternative transportation, toll roads will be needed all over the state. In fact, there are already six projects in the works.

The projects are run by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority and are planned to be placed in these six locations (I am sure more are to come):
Gastonia to Charlotte;
Charlotte Outer Loop/Monroe;

An End to Business Incentives

The tax breaks that state and local governments give to businesses have been highly controversial but also highly successful in creating new jobs in North Carolina. After this week, the tax breaks may also be a thing of the past. The Supreme Court is hearing a case that argues the tax incentives are unconstitutional. If the Court agrees, it would be a big blow to North Carolina, who has used the incentives to lure growth to the area. In fact, the new growth is one reason that the state has been able to recover from the downfall of the textile, manufacturing, and tobacco industries. There is a good article about the issue on CNN, but everything that know up to this point can become moot once the Court hears the case this week.

Foxx foes

The Winston Salem Journal does a snarky round-up on the four Democrats challenging Foxx in the 5th district. The article gives the four lots of credit for running against Ol' Red, but not much else. They're going to get "slaughtered" is the bottom line of the story.

I'm thrilled to see Dems taking on the Queen Wingnut on her own turf. She's not going to live forever, and god knows she doesn't actually represent the people of her district.

Military Madness 2/28/06

We live in a state that is widely known as the most military friendly in the US. Our veteran population in the 2000 census was nearly a million -- a number that has surely been surpassed by now. The number of active duty men and women in North Carolina will only grow.

It was our job to convince these good people that the Democratic party is their best choice for sane and effective policy that represents their interests and the interests of our country. And it looks like George Bush is laying the groundwork for us. A new poll to be released today (no links yet) suggests that support for BushCo among military men and women has declined precipitously. I'll post more when I get it . . . but here's an excerpt from a Kos diary.

OMG, WTF? (A Pop Culture Interlude)

A group of women, fans of North Carolina's American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, are suing his record label for false advertising. Why? Because they fell in love, dammit, and now it looks like Clay is gay. If their suit works out, I will totally be suing Madonna for not actually being sexy-as-advertised. Or Axl Rose for... well, I just never liked Axl Rose.

I don't mean to be snobby, but you won't see this kind of bad behavior among Arcade Fire fans.

Talk about homophobic!

Pope Puppet Paul Chesser over at the Carolina Journal sure has the hots for all things homosexual. Everytime I turn around he's digging into details about the Governor's School dastardly program about the New Gay Teenager.

According to Chesser,

The New Gay Teenager” seminar was based on a book with the same name, written by homosexual Cornell University Professor Ritch Savin-Williams. The book and the Governor’s School seminar discussed whether homosexual teenagers benefit, or are harmed, by embracing labels based on their sexual orientation. The co-leaders of the seminar — 19-year-old Wesley Nemenz, a University of North Carolina at Greensboro student, and Susan Wiseman, a teacher at East Forsyth High School — identified themselves as gay. (my emphasis)

David Price's Challenge From the Left

With the end of filing only a day away, I felt the need to start the unexpected primary talk with this candidate.

Kent Kanoy is running against David Price in the 4th District as a Democrat. He posted a comment about his run here and his campaign website is up. From these places it looks like his campaign will focus on impeaching Bush and ending the Iraq war. From the website:

The purpose of my campaign is to give a voice to those citizens in the 4th district who believe that the Bush/Cheney Administration has committed high crimes and misdemeanors which threaten our privacy, our liberties, and the very Constitution itself.


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