44 Minutes of Fireworks

A masterpiece, fierce, strong, meaty, best convention speech since Kennedy, 44 minutes of fireworks, were the reactions of pundits immediately following Obama’s historic acceptance speech, “America’s Promise.”

Obama Accepts the Nomination

My Request

It is my request that each person go to their local Democrat headquarters this weekend and Monday and volunteer. Take one day this weekend and do the work need to to turn out the vote and next week work and the week after work...there is to much to lose here...

Yes we can

McCrory: (small) change agent

I've just about given up on the practice of pointing out hypocrisy. It lies too much (pun intended) at the heart and soul of modern politics. Still, when a guy talks about wanting the change the culture out of one side of his mouth, while grippin' and grinnin' to suck in special interest money on the other side, well, it's hard to ignore. This from a Perdue campaign email:

“Pat McCrory says he wants to change the political culture, but he’s bringing George Bush’s special interests and failed policies to North Carolina. And he’s doing it with open arms,” said Perdue spokesman Tim Crowley. And here’s what McCrory and his hometown paper have said:

Despite the questionable fundraising tactics employed by the RGA NC 2008 PAC, Pat McCrory “is welcoming the association's help.” [Charlotte Observer, 7/24/08]

“This concept where the Observer keeps doing headlines, ‘McCrory takes PAC money’ as though it’s something illegal, I accept PAC funds, because it’s not only legal, I think it’s a good thing.” [WDYT 1220 AM (Charlotte), McCrory interview, 8/5/08]

Sponge Bob Orr returns to work for Neo-Con Art Pope again?

Freedom & fairness: Orr returns to N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law

By GUY LORANGER, Staff Writer

Robert Orr likes to tell the story of his great-grandfather, a Hendersonville farmer whose moral compass

led him away from the Confederacy and over the mountains into Tennessee, where he joined the Union army.

"If you look at that time period, that was a drastic

and dramatic move," Orr said. "I've always thought that if he could make that kind of tough decision and stick with it, there's certainly no reason I couldn't at least try to live up to that."



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