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One of our main missions is to watch the watchdogs, and judging from this story about GOP influence at CBS, we have plenty of work to do. CBS's corporate cowardice is enough to turn one's stomach.

In other news about news:

The Winston-Salem Journal says "thumbs up" to a legislative plan to let us watchdog watchers watch committee meetings without media intermediaries.

Blackwater releases a new release that denies everything, naturally.

Lest We Forget

As reported by Jeremy Scahill in the Nation:

... the US Justice Department appears to be on the verge of handing down the first indictments against armed private forces for crimes committed in Iraq. The reported targets of the "draft" indictments: six Blackwater operatives involved in the September 16, 2007, killing of seventeen Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Nisour Square.

How to stay involved after the election

"Are you suffering from rested feet, restless dial finger syndrome, or general lack of wonkitis? You may be suffering from post-election blues. Yes, after an election where you have spent every waking moment on a campaign, there can be side effects that occur after the election. Well, finally there is some relief for post-election blues, and it is also a great way to stay involved."

(read instructions below carefully, and if symptoms persist, ask your Doctor about Universal Healthcare)

On blogger ethics

In his "Ask a journalist" post yesterday, Greg posted a link to an interesting discussion about the relationships between blogs and old media. I found this section particularly interesting:

If “ethics” are the codification in rules of the practices that lead to trust on the platform where the users actually are—which is how I think of them—then journalists have their ethics and bloggers have theirs.

  • They correct themselves early, easily and often.

Sunday reading

Like a lot of places, there was a good bit of post-election flag hoisting in my neighborhood, including a rather large one one my wife bought for the occasion.
This morning the N&O decided to take a look at what they call a resurgence of patriotism among the left. It's a rather formulaic story — couple of quotes from people who are now flying flags, couple of out-of-state professors explaining how we feel about the country back to us and, of course, a couple of paragraphs echoing right wing talking points from the campaign.

Federal Bailout of Wall Street! Pro or Con?

The Financial

Part III of IV

It seems the majority of capitalists today are conglomerates on Wall-Street, the Federal Reserve Banking System, and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). By the way, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. It is not, I repeat, is not a branch of the United States Government. More on that subject perhaps in future articles. Also for your information, a great American military general and former President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned us not to become so enamored with the (MIC), fearing it could turn the USA into a fascist government. Therefore, I shall refer to capitalists in Parts 3 and 4 of this work as “hybrid” i.e., royalty and elitist.

These Wall-Street capitalist belong to a class of the rich and powerful. They are not acquainted with the struggle of making a paycheck stretch from week to week. They are not acquainted with the hell and fury of war, (but they don’t flinch from making war, provided the volunteers of our wars come from the poor and disenfranchised families of America). They have figured out how to make obscene profits from wars.

By manipulating a spin on patriotism, and artfully working Wall-Street and the officials of federal and state government, they have no qualms to “take a dollar they did not earn from the taxpayer who earned it.” Enter: the most recent mother of financial bailouts.

Using embedded media and political operatives, they have turned the riches of entire U. S. Congress and government into their own personal oyster. Together, these forces have supercharged the financial fears of the Market, and created a tinder-box; riddled with war, to justify fraud at the highest level. Many believe that our own Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Henry Paulson a former Goldman Sachs CEO, is about as incompetent as the President that appointed him. [Actually, they say he’s incompetent with respect to helping the taxpayers of this nation, but he’s very competent in bailing out his cronies in the federal banking system, and the hand-out required by the global banking authorities].

Others believe that Mr. Paulson, in collaboration with a President who is asleep at the switch, (and a congress that is more interested in feathering their own financial nest), is perpetrating one of the greatest scams on the American taxpayer since the Warren G. Harding Administration. How the control of a well lubricated, checks and balance government got turned over to the whimsical notions of domestic and foreign lobbyists -where corporate and Wall-Street holding entities carry the day- is a puzzle to many Americans. In the wake of Mr. Paulson’s policies, many are left impoverished. How shameful and disgraceful.

Many believe this new breed of political capitalist’s controls the Congress, Wall-Street, and the Executive Branch of our government. It seems to this writer that their policy of private-public collaboration has forced many Americans into a form of financial slavery and poverty.

If, “We, the people…” cannot or will not extricate ourselves from this dilemma and the *political parties that have brought us this mess, we may find ourselves in a form of slavery that could make the cotton field slavery of the 18th and 19th century look like a picnic. We can only hope that the new administration of power will change the course, and is not simply the other side of the coin.

The Golden Rules says “He who holds the gold, rules…” Presently, that gold is in the hands of hybrid-capitalists. Therefore, hold tightly onto your underpants.

* Republican and Democrat political parties.

Jack Dawsey is a retired Department of Defense Federal Employee. He is a former Budget Director for a (DOD) military facility. He is a published author and resides in Salemburg, NC.


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