64 Days: Dole's dismal record of protecting working families

DAY 64

This Labor Day Weekend, hardworking North Carolina families do not have much reason to thank Elizabeth Dole. When it comes to Dole's dismal record of protecting working families, it turns out, once again, she’s against their best interests at every turn. She opposed the Family Medical Leave Act for decades, she has voted against raising the minimum wage while accepting pay raises for herself, and she has made it easier for big business to short their employees’ pension plans. Dole even voted against helping displaced workers after casting the votes that sent their jobs overseas.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 64 days.

One More Democratic House Seat for NC is One Click Away

A couple of months ago, someone I know (wink) discovered that the domain "VirginiaFoxxForCongress.com" was available for purchase. So it got purchased. And now it's up and needs some traffic. Please click through:


DNC Music-Yonder Mountain,Chuck D,Sheryl Crow,with Gore,Biden and Obama clips

This past week I got to attend the DNC Convention and take in some of the music on Thursday. So here are a few clips which include:
Chuck D (with intro from Jim Hightower and an interview with Chuck D himself)
Yonder Mountain String Band
Sheryl Crow
(Sorry I could not include Stevie Wonder's 'Signed Sealed and Delivered' - too busy singing and dancing)

And, some highlights of Al Gore and of Barack Obama speaking...

They're back -Women's Voices Women Vote registration drive sows confusion

The DC non profit "Women's Voices Women Vote" is at it again confusing voters & burying election officials in unneccesary paperwork. WVWV has even mailed voter registration forms to 6 & 14 yr olds, dead persons, registered voters, even the Chairman of the EAC - the federal agency that overseas elections. One way to disenfranchise voters is to "gum up" the system that enfranchises them.


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