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I'm not a journalist but I've been surrounded by them for the past day and will be again today at Capitolbeat 2008 a national conference of statehouse reporters and editors being held in Raleigh. This afternoon, in the graveyard shift of conferences, just before happy hour, I'll be on a panel called "Ask a Blogger". The good news is that this session will be in a bar. The bad news is that I'll be a blogger surrounded by journalists in a bar. So to turn the tables and to allow for an exchange of information I want to give you an opportunity to "Ask a Journalist" all those burning questions about the mainstream media.

"Huge" Indictment

I haven't written in a while, and plan on getting back to it soon, but I couldn't hold this from you. According to the AP Story in the Greensboro News and Record, Hugh Webster has been indicted on two felony charges, embezzlement and exploitation of an elderly adult. Link here.

Enjoy! I'll be back writing soon. I still have a lot to say.

Prop 8 a "victory for democracy"? Um, no

(cross-posted at dKos and The Christian Dem Home Journal)

Today's Charlotte Observer ran an op-ed by Don Fortson, associate professor of church history at Reformed Theological Seminary's Charlotte campus. It applauds the recent victory of the monstrous Proposition 8 in California.

Walmart's War on Women

Supposedly, Walmart is family friendly.

Supposedly, the company is specifically focused on facilitating the needs of mothers.

Walmart's silly, pandering, new "Eleven Moms" campaign-- consisting, no kidding, of 19 rather than 11 bargain-hunting, values-beaming women bloggers-- will probably serve its intended purpose of buoying the brand through the upcoming holiday season.

Finally, some honesty from the far right on McCrory

Jeff Taylor, who blogs for the Puppetshow at Meck Deck, offers a candid analysis of why McCrory came up short against Perdue. It's in today's Carolina Journal.

In short, McCrory got the local moderate and even liberal voters his campaign was careful not to offend. At the same time, he failed to give local conservatives he had clashed with over the years any reason to support him.


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