Upping the ante

Dear Senator Phil Berger:

I read today that you're eager to get North Carolina's Death Machine back into gear. Good on ya!

Sen. Phil Berger hopes to get the death penalty back on track. The Senate Republican leader has again filed a bill that would end a de facto moratorium on capital punishment in North Carolina. (snip) Berger's bill would forbid any group from disciplining a doctor for attending at an execution.

I, for one, am enthralled with your passion for killing, and encourage you to take your zeal to the next level. I hope you'll add an amendment to your bill requiring all executions to take place at high noon in the public square. If North Carolina's doctors get to attend the dark festivities, why shouldn't the rest of us?

Car bomb kills four in northern Iraq

A police official says a car bomb has killed four policemen and wounded three others in northern Iraq.

The official says Thursday's attack targeted a police patrol in the city of Mosul and the wounded included one policeman and two civilians.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the media.

Mosul has experienced a string of attacks in recent days, including a suicide car bombing on Monday that killed four U.S. soldiers.

Limbaugh tell Democrats He will wipe them off the Planet with big time payback

February 11, 2009
Rush-State Fascism
Mike Tennant

I heard Limbaugh say all of this on the air today. It was just plain anger, with no hint of irony or sarcasm.

So, let 'em [the Democrats] go ahead with these tactics. We can't stop them anyway. We lost the election. But they're going to lose down the road. They will not control government forever, and when our turn comes, we are going to turn the power of government against the left. We are going to investigate them. We are going to hold public hearings. We are going to humiliate them. We're going to nationalize their unions. We're going to fund our groups for a change.

NC House Committees are now available online

Speaker Hackney announced committees today in the NC House.

They are now available online at the ncleg.net web site here.

A couple of interesting things to me:

Second term (and very capable and promising) member Rep. Angela Bryant got a chairmanship.

Rep. Grier Martin is no longer chair of Homeland Security/Veterans Affairs. He moved to an Appropriations sub-chair specializing on transportation.

I'm still looking over the lists.

Anything of interest to anyone else?


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