Veterans and active duty roll-call

In a veterans roll-call of BlueNC readers a couple of years ago, nearly two-thirds of regular visitors had served in the military. Let's see where things stand now. If you are a veteran, a member of a military family, or a person on active duty, please share your story with the BlueNC community. This is a great time for lurkers to come out for a brief moment in the spotlight, though real names aren't required, of course.

McCain and the March of the Emperor Neocons

Inspired by tomorrow's inclusion of a hate propaganda DVD in the Raleigh News & Observer's Saturday Edition, I decided to (once again) try to bring focus to the most important factor in the upcoming national election: whether or not we will allow the empire-builders to continue taking our country down their delusional path to world dominance. And I chose the title (and picture) for a reason: unless their progress is arrested, they will slowly and methodically continue until they reach their objective.


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