Spiritual Progressives - Vlog Mutual Interviews with Rabbi Michael Lerner and Rev. Tony Campolo

Besides hearing Michelle Obama, the best part of my Monday was attending a meeting sponsored by the Network of Spiritual Progressives. They were presenting The Global Marshall Plan, a proposal for the G-8 nations to end poverty and war around the world within 20 years..

Sound far fetched? It sounds real good to me.

In fact, I thought they presented a compelling argument that this idea would be a compelling political platform. I think it's an idea that would resonate with lots of young people.

However, they're going to have a hard time engaging young people in their movement. Why? Watch the videos.

70 Days: Dole: Saying one thing in NC, doing another in DC

DAY 70

True to form, Elizabeth Dole continues to say one thing in North Carolina and do another in DC – this time about the War in Iraq. In an effort to distance herself from an unpopular President and a mismanaged war, Dole is now claiming that she has “voiced her criticisms” about the war, but her consistent votes to give Bush a blank check suggest otherwise. Now, the economy is on the brink and North Carolina families are struggling to make ends meet. Yet they are forced to fund an Iraqi reconstruction because of Dole’s irresponsible, partisan votes against using Iraqi oil revenues for reconstruction.


DOLE RHETORIC: "There is no doubt that mistakes have been made in this war and I have certainly voiced my criticisms.” [Dole Video, 8/25/08]

REALITY: Dole Had “Great Confidence” In Bush and Rumsfeld on Iraq. Asked about Iraq in an August 2002 interview, Dole said, “I have great confidence in the president and his team. I think he’s surrounded by people like Don Rumsfeld, who I know very well, and couldn’t have a finer secretary of defense than Don Rumsfeld.” [CNN, 8/10/02]

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 70 days.


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