Saturday's N&O to include a controversial DVD

Pay attention to tomorrow's print edition of the News and Observer. According to the this article, Saturday's edition will carry more than its normal share of news and advertising inserts... it will include a "controversial documentary film on Islam that has stirred anger on college campuses and led the Florida attorney general to form a Muslim advisory board in the wake of community objections."

News and Observer: Greed over common sense

A box of cereal? Toothpaste? Does a box of cereal or a tube of toothpaste encourage me to look with hatred and suspicion on my law abiding neighbors who have a different religion than mine? Does cereal and toothpaste lead to pogroms, religious harassment, fear and intimidation? The trailer for this video is about hate, pure and simple, and shows the video has only one goal - to instill fear and hatred of neighbor against neighbor. If I receive this DVD in my paper, that day, after 22 years of receiving the N&O, will be the last day of my subscription.

Vote vets

One organization that is working hard to represent the real interests of military families is Vote Vets. Today I made a contribution to them in hopes that they'll be able step up their efforts in North Carolina. You can help too. If military families in North Carolina knew the truth about Elizabeth Dole's voting record, not a one of them would vote for her. We need a commercial like this focused on Senator Dole.

Kudos to the N&O for calling out Dole

From their lead editorial today:

... in conjunction with the Republican State Executive Committee, Dole has unleashed a singularly odd claim.

This ad says that because Hagan (with her husband) owns "multiple oil and gas wells," the Democratic candidate is a "hypocrite of the highest order" for speaking against offshore drilling. The ad's premise: Hagan fears that offshore drilling will lower oil prices, and thus her profits. (It also says Hagan's oil interests are a "deeply held secret" -- yet cites her official disclosure form as the source of the investment information.)

Tax and Spend Democrats

Republicans have successfully equated “Tax and Spend” and the “Democratic Party” for as long as I can remember. They have been extremely successful in throwing out this phrase to scare tax payers into believing that Democrats want to take their hard earned money and squander it on things that the Republicans feel are unnecessary. Every time a Republican is running for office, or just talking about Democrats in general, the term is used as an insult, without a rebuttal from Democrats.

Below the fold is my rebuttal:


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