DNC pics finally up!!!

Ok, folks..the photobucket page crashed so I had to reload to facebook..enjoy and if you were there make sure to tag yourself....

Also, alot of folks asked for copies of photos I took..feel free to download and hopefully, all those folks will be checking out bluenc.com...which is of course where I directed them to look for DNC photos and blogs....maybe it will increase our traffic...




Charlotte Observer to GOP: It's our duty to ask about Palin

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My hometown paper, the Charlotte Observer, heard the Repub demands to stop digging into Sarah Palin's background and basically said, "Um, no."

If you're going to nominate someone for vice president who is unknown to most Americans – because she is a fresh face and a Washington outsider – you can't at the same time blame journalists looking into the newcomer's background.

Yet that's been a theme undergirding this week's media bashfest in St. Paul.

I expected the Observer to get its back up on this one. Remember, the Observer is owned by McClatchy, the same folks who bring you the McClatchy Washington Bureau (formerly the Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau, which McClatchy thankfully kept when it bought Knight-Ridder along with the Observer.

Kay Hagan In Her Own Words

We are very pleased to post the following blog, sent exclusively to ElectBlue, by Kay Hagan, Democratic candidate for the US Senate from North Carolina. The seat is currently held by Republican Elizabeth Dole. Ms. Hagan writes:

Thank you for giving me the chance to update all the readers at ElectBlue about our campaign. I hope you will also take this chance and visit my website at www.kayhagan.com to learn more, watch our most recent videos and television ads, and tell your friends about my campaign.

After dark

Put on your seat belts, you're about to hear from a gold-digging adulterer who divorced his first wife because she had a car accident, who called his second wife a cunt in public, who jokes about bombing sovereign nations and about genocide, and whose fellow POW's say is a hot-headed asshole with PTSD. Just the kinda guy America needs in the "White" House.

61 Days: Elizabeth Dole is Mudslinging Again

DAY 61

Despite her pledge to run a positive campaign, Elizabeth Dole’s been slinging political mud for months. In a post-primary fundraising letter in May, Dole attacked Kay in her typical drive-by fashion – no facts, no backup, just Dole’s desperate attempt to keep her seat. Yesterday Dole outdid herself with the first candidate-approved-attack ad aimed at Kay, likening her to a “yappy dog.” In the commercial, Dole also resorted to name-calling, more drive-by attacks and notably, “I’m Elizabeth Dole and I approved this message.”
Of course she did. With her experience bankrolling negative ads at the NRSC and her campaign six years ago, she’s a pro.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 61 days.

So, Sarah Palin, you STILL think that abstinence-only is working?

Fine, Sarah Palin, we can keep all the candidates' children out of the critical public eye but where do you get off using your sons (the one in the military and the infant with down syndrome) as shining examples of your parenting and virtue all while your berating the media for so much as reporting on your 17-year old daughter's pregnancy?!

In truth, I really think it's better to keep the politician's kids out of it but this just highlights the incredible hypocrisy surrounding this campaign, their policies and, apparently, Palin's entire life!


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