Congressional Delegation Activity Feb. 2 - Feb. 7

This week we saw the conversion to digital television delayed for good reasons and the job creation and economic stimulus bill delayed because Harry Reid is trying to reach out to Republicans at a time when all they want to do is whine about the "process" and strip the bill of any teeth it might have. The American people have suffered through eight years of their failed policies. It's time for them to sit down and let the grownups lead.

Why would the Republicans continue to push their failed policies? I don't know, but these are people who cower under the threat of Rush Limbaugh's disapproval and who call a Z-list celeb, Joe the Plumber, in to advise them on policy.

Burr's twisted logic

When North Carolina's senior Senator wasted taxpayer dollars for his "fact-finding" mission to Guantanamo this week, we all knew exactly which facts he would find. But I never imagined that he could so brazenly distort those facts to yield this breathtaking conclusion:

Burr wrote on his blog that Guantanamo is "in keeping with our Nation's highest ideals."

What a putz.

Regular Maintenance Scheduled - Finished....Yay!

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After that I will update this message with the next time you can expect BlueNC to be unavailable.

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The U. S. Senate is still open for bidness....So....we are too. What's on your mind?

Time to pester our Senators--defense contractor gets a new contract despite criminal investigation

Just found out via this post on dKos that KBR, a longtime defense contractor, just got a new $35 million contract from the Pentagon despite being under criminal investigation for electrocuting two of our troops in Iraq.

Both Hagan and Burr are on the Armed Services Committee. Pester them. Now.

P.S. Just as I was writing this, I discovered that KBR is also being charged with bribing Nigerian officials--and might be about to plead guilty.

Get this straight

With all the hand-wringing in Raleigh, the free-market fundamentalists are sharpening their anti-government rhetoric. So remember this: Their hysteria is predicated on a lie about growth in spending here in North Carolina. Thanks to Chris Fitzsimon for clearing things up.

The budget has grown steadily since 2003, but so has the state. And most importantly, as the N.C. Budget and Tax Center reports, state general fund spending per capita is less than now it was nine years ago.

Updated for clarity.


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