What does September 11th, 2008 mean to you?

To me, there are two emotions tied into this day. The first, is the sad remembrance of what happened. The feeling of shock and dismay, or outright horror at watching what was happening. My wife was driven into early labor by what happened that day and much of our next week was spent in the NICU. So, I missed much of the aftermath of what had happened. We came out of the hospital and eventually awoke to a much different world.

My second feeling is more immediate, it is one of anger. Osama bin Laden, the Assassin responsible for 3,000 dead on American soil, still walks free. We have had seven long years to bring him to justice - and we have not.

Republican Governors Gone Wild

The Republican Governors Association has thrown all caution to the electoral winds and has committed $4.8 million to supporting Pat McCrory according to a report filed this week with the State Board of Elections. As Under the Dome notes, by far the biggest contributor, at $1.2 million, is Texan Bob Perry, a major Swift Boating underwriter and funder of misleading 527 groups like the "Americans for Honesty on Issues" that targeted Heath Shuler in 2006. Another funder is Texan James Leninger, aka God's Sugar Daddy and a Robin Hayes contributor.

I've written previously about the RGA involvement in the NC Governor's race in Millionaires for McCrory and The Great Republican Governors Association McCrory Money Laundering Machine.

Somebody needs to whip their ass

Under the leadership of George Bush and John McCain, the Republican Party has dragged gutter politics to a new low, behaving like schoolyard bullies and Bart Simpson (sorry, Bart) all rolled into one. They've made bald-faced lying the coin of the realm, and they don't even have the decency to be embarrassed. Their behavior calls for drastic measures. Which creates a pivotal opportunity for political independents.

I changed my registration early this year from Democrat to unaffiliated, hoping to gain a clearer look at the political landscape. It worked. I feel little sense of obligation to the Democratic Party. Some fondness perhaps, but equal amounts of frustration. That's why I left.

But today I'm willing to beg every unaffiliated voter within earshot to vote straight ticket for Democrats without hesitation. Don't even consider voting for a Republican. For anything.

Day 55: Dole boosts Iraq surplus, raises America's debt

DAY 55

As new signs of the faltering economy are appearing every day, Elizabeth Dole continues to back away from her voting record and her connections to the failed Bush Administration’s policies. Yesterday, Dole was on television saying that she thinks it is time for Iraq to start funding their own reconstruction. Interesting timing, considering the federal government announced yesterday that the deficit will soon reach a projected record $438 billion. Dole should know that votes speak louder than words – she voted twice against using Iraqi oil revenues for reconstruction instead of American taxpayer dollars. Now, as the American economy continues on its downward spiral, Iraq enjoys a budget surplus.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 55 days.


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