Pro Choise, Free Will was given to us by GOD!

About 20+ years ago when I was in collage I had to write and do a debate about my stand on abortion. At that time I was Pro Choice. 20+ years later I am still Pro Choice. I feel that there are many things to consider when having a child. Was the girl or woman raped by some who knows what! Is she just to young or does not have the ability (mental or other )to care for the child and does not have any family to help. Maybe the unborn has major defect that would be life long. And the most important one is will the birth cause health problems or worse Death to the Mother. I feel that the mother and or father should be the ones to make an abortion decision. Free Will was Given to us by GOD for reasons.

John Hood reveals Friends list on Net! Lassie the dog not on it?

John Hood is a fan of:
Restaurants Celebrities /
Public Figures..Al Capone
TV Shows...Last Dude standing on RAW wrestling
Products.....Mike and Ferry ice cream
Jersey Mike's Subs......Hates North Carolina products
Sub Station II....A Subway station in DC
John Locke....a dead man
The Electric Company....rock and roll band in the 70's that had it's power cut off by Duke power company while on tour
Bojangles' .......Racist Insults to the other New Orleans Chicken company
Mighty Joe Young.......A monkey looking for work in a free economic system that fail at the local Zoo
Ed Cone......His Liberal establishment Brokeback Mountain Friend on the weekend journalist shows

Blackwater changes Corporate Name to " Z"! CEO Erik is now "M"

Blackwater to change name to 'Xe'Associated Press
Friday February 13, 2009

RALEIGH, N.C. - Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning its tarnished brand name. Blackwater officials said Friday its family of two dozen business will now operate under the name Xe (zee), pronounced like the letter "z."

Edit: Please click through to read the entire article. No matter how many times I've asked Max nicely he still can't understand this simple concept - no cutting and pasting entire articles from other sites. Also, for the rest of you, we refrain from allowing diaries that are simply cut and pastes with no text of your own. This is an important story and it is too bad that Max, who has a lot of knowledge, couldn't offer a legitimate critique. - Robert P.

Additional edit - this story has already been posted and discussed twice before. - Betsy

CNN uses your computer for their business

If you watched the inauguration on CNN and you clicked "yes" to a dialog box you gave them permission to install a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that used your Internet bandwidth rather than CNN's to send live video to other viewers.

Fred Langa's Langalist has an article about it

Could owner financing get us out of this mess?

Since this is a place for new ideas, I was thinking that owner financing of homes might help with our liquidity problems here in the US. Right now, there is not much incentive for someone to do seller financing. But it would be a way to reward those whose have equity plus provide price support for those who are maxed out. I'm sure the banking lobby would be against tax incentives for sellers who finance, but it would be a way to get money flowing again maybe without printing more. Any thoughts on this? Kudos to Kissell and Hagan. What a refreshing time for NC.


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