Election Day: For our Quiet Heroes

Today our great state of North Carolina and our nation is holding an historic election.

Millions of North Carolinians and voters across the nation have already cast their ballots during Early Voting, with North Carolina at the top of the list for Early Voting turnout.

New voter registration records were set and an unprecedented Democratic Presidential campaign was launched in our state. With over 60 Presidential campaign offices, countless satellite sites and thousands upon thousands of volunteers, the Obama campaign ground game is like none other North Carolina has seen.

We are making history.

GOTV in North Carolina: The view from UNITE HERE

Never in a million years did I think I'd be spending Election Day 08 with you all in North Carolina. Though UNITE HERE has deep roots in the state, North Carolina has some of the lowest union density in the country. Yet here I am in North Carolina, "embedded" in an enormous mobilization of union members who are volunteering for Barack Obama, Kay Hagan, Larry Kissell, Bev Perdue and other Democratic candidates. With the Presidential candidates running neck-and-neck here for the first time since Carter, there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

And, when I awake, a new day.

This is it. I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we'll be out at the polls around 6am to set up for the 6:30 opening. We have all the Observers set and our INCREDIBLE Vice-Chair has gone through and updated every list, every database, every little thing. We have two or three greeters at all times throughout the day, but we might send some of them over to the precinct staging house to call our friends and neighbors. Why? Because rumor is that upwards of 80% of our targeted voters have already voted. Crazy? Maybe.

We have our runners who will take the names to the staging house, to remove them from the national database so we won't waste time calling asking them to vote.

So, tomorrow we work, they vote, we call, they vote, we knock, they vote.

And, then, we wake to a new day.


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