Hagan Congratulates Kissell on Passage of Kissell "Buy American" Amendment - Update

Rep. Larry Kissell fulfills a long-broken promise made by Robin Hayes to help the textile industry and its workers. When he proposed the amendment, Rep. Kissell called it an extension of the Berry Amendment. This new amendment is now known as the Kissell Amendment. A little over a month and Larry has his first bit of legislation passed through both houses of congress and headed to the President's desk.

Senator Kay Hagan had high praise for Kissell's efforts on behalf of North Carolina's textile workers.

The textile industry is a cornerstone in North Carolina, and the Kissell amendment will be a boon for our economy there. I am so pleased to support another member of the delegation in such a worthy endeavor, and pleased that we were able to keep the measure in the conference report. North Carolina families are hurting, and this legislation will help create the jobs that they need. Congressman Kissell’s amendment is a prime example of the kinds of common sense provisions in the economic recovery package that will put people back to work immediately, ensure a certain degree of job security and get the economy moving again. I applaud Congressman Kissell’s success in having his legislation passed as a part of the economic recovery package, and I look forward to seeing the positive effects it will have in North Carolina and around the country.

Sen. Kay Hagan Already Topping Dole's Days in North Carolina

By the end of next week, Senator Kay Hagan will have topped the number of days Elizabeth Dole spent in North Carolina in 2006 and will be closing in on the number of days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2005. But, enough of looking back! Let's look ahead at Senator Hagan's upcoming week in our fair state.On Tuesday, she will be in Raleigh to speak at the 2009 Biotech Conference, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurial Development.

Senator Hagan will discuss the importance of the biotech industry to North Carolina’s long term economic growth.

On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Hagan will be in Greensboro to tour the Industries of the Blind. Industries of the Blind employs people who are blind or severely disabled with the goal of helping them achieve economic and personal independence. Among the products manufactured at the site are new hydration systems, apparel for the military and some protective equipment.

From Freedom Fries to War Crimes

In an intriguing development, NC 3 Representative Walter Jones (R) - coiner of the term "Freedom Fries" and ridiculer of everything French - is co-sponsoring John Conyer's bill that will call for the investigation of war crimes by our monstrously unpopular and distrusted ex-President (man, that was a lot of -s in that sentence - Sorry). Jones has been well known amongst Washingtonians as a vehement critic of W.'s Iraq policy, shrouds of secrecy and power grabs that forced Congress into back many controversial pieces of his delusional, rushed and unneccesary invasion of Iraq.

New Kissell Amendment on Derivatives Markets Transparency and Accountability Act

Earlier this week the House Agriculture Committee met to hear testimony and discuss legislation to improve the transparency and accountability of the derivatives market. Rep. Larry Kissell, NC-08 proposed an amendment to this legislation that will help lend some good old fashioned common sense to the boards that oversee the commodities market. His proposal will require that farmers, ranchers and grain elevator operators - average Americans directly affected by commodities trading - have a seat on these boards. This will diversify the boards and take some power from the financial elite that have a grip on the financial services industry as a whole. The amendment was approved by the committee and included with the legislation.

A Rose by any other name...

NC based "private security company" Blackwater Security is changing it's name to "XE" (pronounced "zee") in an effort to rebrand itself in the wake of their horrendous publicity.

Blackwater President Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees of the North Carolina-based company that the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

Spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell says the company felt the Blackwater name was too closely tied to its security work in Iraq.

I wonder if putting lipstick on this pig will work?


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