Tarboro NC - Only 225 black males vote in Edgecombe County

I find the following numbers to be quite alarming because I did not know this: Most voters in Edgecombe are black and female; 20,776 are black and 20,551 are female. Where are the black men? We have got to challenge the men to come out and vote.

New poll by Civitas: more bad news for McCain

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Yet another partisan Repub poll in North Carolina shows bad news for McCain. According to the Pope Institute, a conservative think tank, he's only up three points here, 43-40. No internals or MoE out yet, but with it this close, it has to be a statistical dead heat or close to it.

Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

VoteVets, the pro-Democrat group of retired military personnel, counters McCain's Black Hawk down statement with some outrage from Col. Katherine Scheirman (Ret.), the retired Chief of Medical Operations for United States Air Force in Europe Headquarters at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany


The natural order


One of the neat things about UU congregations is how they engage young people to participate in all manner of activities. High schoolers have weekend retreats, pre-schoolers have bake sales, drumming circles abound and more. It was on one of those weekend retreats that my daughter met three teenagers from the Knoxville church where a gunman murdered two people on Sunday.

Small Grants Available for Youth Civic Education Projects

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation has provided the Civic Education Consortium with another year of funding to support the Small Grants Program; the Consortium is now seeking grant proposals from organizations working to prepare North Carolina’s young people for active, responsible citizens.


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