92 Days: Why do you think Elizabeth Dole is Wrong for NC?

With 92 days left in this election season, we’re kicking off our “92 Days, 92 Ways” campaign today, highlighting the 92 ways in which Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina.

Elizabeth Dole votes with President Bush 92% of the time, supporting his failed economic policies, putting special interests before working families.

In honor of this milestone, Kay Hagan supporters will be canvassing in just about an hour all across the state talking to voters about how Washington is broken and what Kay will do to fix it. To find out more, visit www.kayhagan.com.

Why do you think Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina?

Read the entire post to view today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 92 days.

Jesse Helms Republican

I struggle to describe the radical North Carolina branch of the Republican Party. As I tell my Republican friends, this is not the Republican Party I grew up with in Minnesota.

The message that drew my mother to the "Party of Lincoln" 50 years ago: fiscal efficiency, individual responsibility, equality of opportunity, and protecting rights and civil liberties, is now completely lost. The NC GOP of 2008 has abdicated those mainstream American values in favor of anti-government rhetoric, rigid and dangerous fiscal policy, social intolerance, and divisiveness.

Thank you BlueNC 1,791 times over!

Thanks to you, our UNPRECEDENTED army of 1,791 volunteers, WE WON!

Chairman Chris Van Hollen today announced that Larry Kissell (NC-08) won the 2008 Mobilize for Change: A National Day of Action. Democratic Candidate Gary Peters (MI-09) won an honorable mention on the day when candidates across America bolstered their volunteer base to kicking off the last 100 days of their campaigns. Kissell has won a fundraising email that will be sent on his behalf to our list of three million supporters and activists.

Congratulations to Gary Peters, and all the Democratic challengers who mobilized volunteers last week to contact over a quarter million voters in just one day!


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