Help Support A Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

With only a few weeks (days!) remaining until the beginning of the most historic Democratic National Convention ever, I ask the BlueNC community to help support me in my travels to Denver, where I'll be playing a small part in making the Democratic Party strong and successful for November...

Why the Libertarian Party is Not Compelling

This started out as a comment, but as my comments are wont to do, it turned into something of a mini-essay.

A newcomer to BlueNC, savvysooner, showed up in my old My Dinner with Munger post with an impassioned, if qualified, defense of the Libertarian Party.

This offered me an opportunity to explain where I think the Libertarian Party is failing to meet the political and philosophical needs of people who, like them, are not content with the two-party system.

Damn It, John. What were you thinking?

"So no, I don't care what you were thinking when you allowed someone who was close to you to get too close. I am not judging your morality. That isn't for me to judge. Or anyone else, for that matter. I am, however, stunned at your timing. I am judging your common sense. At a time you had the hopes of a good portion of America on your shoulders, you shirked it."

More below the fold.

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Quick thoughts of the NC-10 Race- Johnson vs McHenry

Well, after a long bout of excessive work and little fun (a time period I call "too damn long"), I'm back, and it's time to take a good hard look at what's been going on in my district, North Carolina 10, as of the last few months. The gist of it all? Johnson needs to buck up and work harder, and McHenry's more screwed than he's ever been in his life.


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