I met blue south at a Healthcare action w/SEIU and Gov. Strickland speaks

This past week, a coalition of progressive groups gathered in Columbus, Ohio to make the people's voices heard on the subject of affordable Healthcare.

This group included
SEIU,ACORN,Progress Ohio,UHCAN (Universal Health Care Action Network),SPAN (Single Payer Action Network),Justice for Janitors, and Gamaliel affiliates AMOS and NOAH

Bruce Colburn, SEIU
Brian Rothenberg, ProgressOhio.org
Stephanie Beck Borden, Gamaliel/AMOS
Cathy Levine and Christine Conroy UHCAN Ohio.

Hattip to Lorraine Bieber of Progress Ohio

At the same time, the insurance industry's spokes people were placing the blame on the providers and the people were not buying it.

AHIP (American's Health Insurance Plan) finally met with some frustrated citizens who have seen too many denials to healthcare claims.

Keep reading, unless you have had been supported by government paid healthcare.

Christ and paradise

To the extent that I attend church these days, I go to the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham. One of the benefits of that participation is the chance to read the excellent UU magazine, which is also available online. A recent issue featured a provocative article about the political power play behind the emergence of aggressive Christianity around 1000 AD.

Blackwater Protected Obama in Afghanistan

According to Paul Bedard at U.S. News & World Report, Blackwater USA was hired to protect Obama on his tour of Afghanistan and the firm of mercenaries also helped in Iraq. It had been reported earlier that Blackwater would not get the job.

Bedard also reports that Obama was overheard saying that, "Blackwater is getting a bad rap."

Maybe he doesn't want to win North Carolina afterall, eh?

Sam Nobles everything is political so your point?

It appears that Wilson Mayor Bruce Rose really get it. I don't know what in the hell Sam Nobles is talking about when he says, "Tarboro Town Manager Sam Noble, who is the ElectriCities board chairman, said the 14 percent rate increase is "fiscally responsible." "Anything less than that, you're playing politics," Noble said. "It's not good business." (Read More)

Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Maybe we should look at doing this if needed.

By RYAN J. FOLEY, Associated Press Writer
Fri Jul 25, 5:07 PM ET

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin Democrats on Friday ousted a delegate to their national convention for saying she would vote for Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain in November.

Embarrassed by a defection in their ranks, the Wisconsin Democratic Party's administrative committee voted 23-0 to strip Debra Bartoshevich of her status as a delegate to the Denver convention next month.

Take Action Today! Help Larry Kissell on DCCC Day of Action

Please take just a few minutes to help Larry Kissell win the DCCC contest running today. Larry won last cycle and the DCCC sent out over 3 million fundraising emails for Larry. In 2006 the candidates had a month to plan their day of action. This cycle, they've had under a week. The winner is expected to raise over $100,000 on the fundraising email.

We can do our part and it will barely take any time out of your day.

You have two choices:

1. Go to www.helplarrywin.com and sign up to do virtual phone banking from your home. Spend just 20 minutes making phone calls and your efforts count.

Hillary protesters greet Dean in Charlotte

From Jim Morrill at the Charlotte Observer:

Around two dozen Hillary Clinton supporters, some carrying signs saying "Dump Dean," attempted to shout down Democratic national chairman Howard Dean during an appearance in Charlotte today.

The protesters, who described themselves as members of a group called "Charlotte Front and Center," shouted and waved signs as Dean spoke to about 150 people at a voter registration rally on West Boulevard.


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