An open letter to North Carolina's Realtors

Dear Realtors.

By now you've noticed that your professional organization, the North Carolina Association of Realtors, has spent your money to influence yet another community decision on transfer taxes. You and your fellow Realtors have tossed in more than $22 for every vote against the tax in Clay County.

George Chunn Vlog Mutual Interview from the DNC

Not all of my conversations at the convention were about issues. On Wednesday night, I sat with George Chunn from Raleigh. We ended up having a great conversation about integrity in politics. Specifically, we talked about what it means to see Barack Obama as a husband and father. Just as my conversation with Jan Roller reminded me of how important it is for white people to talk about race, this conversation reminded me of why men need to talk with each other about fidelity. We tried to recapture some of that here.

You'll also get to hear George talk about what's happening to organize Raleigh. He asked me about what I've been doing in Chapel Hill (hint: we have great parties for Obama!). And he got personal, so I had to tell him some about why my kids like Barack Obama and what I think about a political future for myself. That's a little bit more than I expected to share about myself in these vlogs, but anything is possible in a mutual interview!

Here's part 1:

Under a rock near you

People, I kid you not. This is an actual comment recently posted at TAP. I guess we could expect that Obama's speech, and the wide acclaim it has received, would flush out the cretins. My purpose in cutting-and-pasting it here is to remind my fellow Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Lefties -- and various and sundry respectable though misguided GOPers -- that this "anonymous" poster is lurking under a rock near you.

Jan Roller Vlog Mutual Interview from the DNC

On Wednesday night at the Convention, there was some time to kill after the Roll Call Vote and before Bill Clinton’s big speech. I wandered over to the Ohio delegation and found an old family friend.

Jan Roller is delegate from Cleveland and one of Ohio’s leading Democratic Women. She seemed like perfect person for an interview about what’s happening in Ohio. As we all know, they’re a battleground state. Ohio also has some striking similarities to North Carolina. Ohio has three major metropolitan areas and lots of rural land. For the most part statewide democratic victories rely on strong turnout from a relatively small number of the state’s 88 counties, especially those with a heavy African-American population. Sound familiar?

Jan told me about what’s happening in Ohio to organize a democratic victory, how Democratic women are organizing, how work is being done across urban-suburban-rural divides , and why she hopes an Obama presidency will positively impact American race relations.

Jan asked me about the role that race is playing in the election in North Carolina, what I enjoyed about the convention, and how tough the race is going to be in North Carolina.

Here’s part 1:


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