Going After Blackwater's Contracts

Shades of Elliot Ness going after Al Capone for tax evasion? If a frontal assault on the New Republican Mafia that is Blackwater International seems destined to fail, why not try the back door?

Seems something like that is what Henry Waxman (bless his pointed little head) is doing, hitting them with tax evasion and labor violations.

'Black Republican PAC' fronts for direct mail wingnut welfare

Originally published on Pam's House Blend. This has a North Carolina tie because it involves Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC), who has received contributions from the "Black Republican PAC."

I recently received a direct mail piece from a Blender that is unbelievable. It is from an entity called the "Black Republican PAC," headed up by Edward Cousar. Here is a taste of what's in the mailing:

"Because what we conservatives need right now more than anything else is someone and some group who can speak the truth about Obama without being intimidated by the "racist" label.

I am that man and Black Republican PAC is that group.

I'm dedicated to exposing Barack Obama's liberalism before it's too late for America.

It goes on for four pages of garbage. I decided to surf around and see who Cousar was and what this organization was about. What I found was revealing; a strategy that not only uses black Republicans as a cover for the above, but is at its base a group white GOP operatives using funds raised by this and other web of PACs to line their incestuous direct mail companies' coffers.

Elizabeth Dole Sucks Face with Ted Stevens

This officially lands in the "gross me out" category.

First, Ted Stevens gives Elizabeth Dole $10,000 for her campaign. Second, Ted Stevens gets indicted. Third, Kay Hagan calls on Elizabeth Dole to return the tainted money she received from Ted Stevens. Fourth, Elizabeth Dole returned part of the money she received from Ted Stevens....and then......

What happened next should not be viewed by those with frail digestive systems. However, it's hard for most humans to turn away from a train wreck.....soooo...here ya go.

Clinton asks not to be nominated at Democratic National Convention

Petitions abound, but Hillary Clinton won't put in for a nomination, insiders say.
Hillary Clinton has decided against being nominated for President at the Democrats' Denver convention, but many of her more die-hard partisans may vote for her anyway.


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