Michelle Obama and just when is White, White.

There's an interesting conversation going on around the internet surrounding an article about the Obamas that appeared in New York Magazine titled, Black and Blacker. Despite the truly idiotic headline, the article has some interesting tidbits that provide some food for thought.

82 Days: Dole isn't Celebrating the Anniversary of Social Security

DAY 82

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the Social Security Act becoming law, and though millions of hardworking Americans benefit from its provisions, Elizabeth Dole certainly isn’t celebrating. She has been an outspoken advocate for privatization – voting to raid the fund’s surpluses, allowing the program to be subjected to the whims of the stock market and even going so far as to campaign with President Bush for this drastic and unpopular alternative.

Kay Hagan on the other hand, had something else to say to commemorate this historic anniversary:

“Social Security has been a vital part of this country for the past 73 years, and will continue to be into the future."

“President Roosevelt’s visionary plan has helped millions of workers and their families realize part of the American dream. While Social Security is currently projected to be able to pay full benefits without any policy changes for 33 years, the next Congress and our new President will have work to continue honoring the promise between the government and Americans who have spent their lives working.”

“The $9 trillion George Bush-sponsored and Republican-supported debt is the biggest threat to Social Security.”

“When I’m in the U.S. Senate I’ll work with my colleagues to restore fiscal responsibility so we can increase the solvency of the Social Security system without limiting eligibility, reducing benefits, or privatizing any aspect of it.”
-U.S. Senate Candidate Kay Hagan (D-NC)

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 83 days.


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