Sustainable Development Part Five: Greenbridge

Very often here at BlueNC, we focus on the things that people are doing wrong. Which is cool, because being progressive means that we eschew complacency and believe in taking active measures to "fix" the things that need fixing. But we also need to recognize progress when it happens, as it demonstrates that our "hope for the future" is neither naive nor in vain.

Double Standard on McCain's Past

When we talk about John McCain's past, we are supposed to focus on his bravery under horrible circumstances in Vietnam. And, in fact, John McCain was tortured and held captive for many years in Vietnam. How that makes him a military leader is something beyond me and something that Wesley Clark has effectively countered, even if it did end his chances of being VP. So, every Democrat and every Republican points to John McCain's past and says that we must bow down to his high moral standards and internal fortitude - because of his past actions.

Well, then, I ask you. What about his absolute lack of morals and internal fortitude in the past? Should we not be discussing that?

Kelly Nuxoll Vlog Mutual Interview from the DNC

At the Spiritual Progressives meeting I was interviewed by Kelly Nuxoll, a freelance writer with some great NC connections who is here writing for the Huffington Post. She posted an article about that meeting which quoted me. I reposted the article here and she linked the HuffPost article to BlueNC so people could see my vlog!

We reconnected on Wednesday to talk about new media and old media at the Democratic National Convention. Doing a mutual interview with a real journalist meant I had to step up my game! It turned out to be a fascinating conversation about outsider stories at the DNC, how new media is changing the convention, and the role that young people can play in our political landscape.

Here's part 1:

STINGING NETTLE EXCLUSIVE - McCain VP Selection Transcripts revealed

Crossposted from The Stinging Nettle.

How exactly did we end up with John McCain picking Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska? Luckily, the Stinging Nettle had John McCain's phone bugged, and here's what we found out.

11:01 PM THU - McCain - "Jim. Get me Romney."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ("Jim") - "Yes Senator..... here you go sir."

McCain - "What?"

Jim - "The phone sir. You asked me to get Governor Romney on the phone."

McCain - "Oh. Thanks. Hello, George?"

Mitt Romney - "Um . . . well, John, it's Mitt. George was my dad."

McCain - "Eh?"


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