When I'm 64

Today is the 73rd anniversary of this solemn promise made to our seniors on August 14, 1935:

Presidential Statement of FDR signing THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT

Today a hope of many years' standing is in large part fulfilled. The civilization of the past hundred years, with its startling industrial changes, has tended more and more to make life insecure. Young people have come to wonder what would be their lot when they came to old age. The man with a job has wondered how long the job would last.

This social security measure gives at least some protection to thirty millions of our citizens who will reap direct benefits through unemployment compensation, through old-age pensions and through increased services for the protection of children and the prevention of ill health.

Edward Chapman in Details Magazine

North Carolina death row exoneree Glen Edward Chapman is profiled in this month's Details magazine. The article is amazing; I have nothing to add, I just wanted everyone at BlueNC to have the chance to read it. Also, there are stunning photographs which do not appear in the online version of the article, so I encourage people to pick up a print copy at their local newsstand.

McCrory's First Negative Ad Hits the Air

The NC governor's race was fairly tight until recently with as little as one point between current Lt. Gov Beverly Perdue and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory. Now Perdue has pulled out a nearly 10 point lead against McCrory and there's one thing Republicans know what to do when the going get's tough...play dirty straight from the Republican Handbook.

Big Foot found on Max's Georgia Mountain property

For 30 years I was accuse of being a UFO conspiracy political Big foot freak. It is finally confirmed that a Redneck Big Foot does exsist. When my son was a teenager, he would come up to my North Georgia Mountain property and ride his trail motorbike though the woods and mountians on my out of the way property. He ran into Big Foot on a trail with his buddy one weekend and it scare the living crap out of them. To this day, when he chats about encounter, he breaks out in sweat. I truly believe this story since I know the individuals in this story and from what was pass on to me, Big Foot was found dead on my mountain property. I signed a legal wavier for them to remove Big Foot.....Stay tune......more details to follow....




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