Well, What is was was football!

There's a new offense in high school football. It's illegal under NCAA and NFL rules, but it's not as non-traditional as formations under arena football rules. This offense is called the A-11. It's announced objective is to allow smaller players in smaller schools with talent an opportunity to compete with teams from schools with more big players.

It's controversial because football is a bastion of tradition. Change comes very incrementally.

I offer a simply proposal to "level the playing field" especially at the J.H.S. and H.S. level: just handicap the big guys with weight like horses are handicapped.

Big McCain Donor Busted for running the Biggest Prositution Ring in AZ

Now we learn over the Web today that another longtime Cato donor and sponsor of Cato University, Doctor Ross Levatter, was arrested for running "the biggest prostitution ring in Arizona history" and for "money laundering."

Levatter was also a frequent participant in the smearing of Ron Paul and the Lew Rockwell Web site on the blog of Cato's vice president for international junketeering, hissy fitting, and slandering.

How embarrassing.



Sustainable Development Part Four: Large-Scale Hydro

Amidst all the talk these days about meeting our current and future energy demands, hydroelectric power is often merely mentioned in passing, as if it's potential is limited and not as deserving of "excitement" as wind or Solar power. Part of this stems from a basic misunderstanding of the economics of large-scale hydro, while another part is rooted in a justifiable concern about the environmental impacts of these projects. I am also aware that this diary may generate some negative responses, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. :)


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