88 Days: Liddy at the Watergate

DAY 88: Liddy at the Watergate

Elizabeth Dole didn’t become a Washington insider overnight, but she has perfected it over the years. 34 years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency after it became clear he was involved with the men who broke into the Democratic Party Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. But he’s not the only person famously connected to the Watergate. Liddy’s lived there for more than three decades, moving in when she married Bob Dole in 1975, and living there even now. Did you know she was a Democrat before she was a Dole? Her political expediency knows no bounds, even switching parties twice.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 88 days.

Oh no ... it's here.

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When I first wrote about the mind-meld happening between the Charlotte Observer (O) and the News and Observer (No), I couldn't have imagined things would slide down hill so fast. Not so much on the political front, where the addition of Charlotte writers may have even lifted the overall quality of reporting, but just in general.

Councilwoman Hummer in Elizabeth City: Outraged about ElectriCities Conference


Another front pager. Nine city officials attend S.C. conference Hummer 'outraged' at cost to ratepayers

Ladies and Gentleman we have some elected officials in some cities who are standing up. Will you join them?

Texas GOP buying off Libertarian Candiates! Will they do it in North Carolina?

Libertarians have been getting a lot of attention this month from Republicans and Democrats over Texas House races. Now they've had enough about both parties and their spinmeisters. Hint: it's why they've formed their own party.
It started when former House member and now lobbyist Suzanna Hupp phoned three Libertarian candidates running in close House races and begged them to drop out. The Libertarians said she mentioned board seats and other entitlements that couldn't legally be promised, but were a possibility.
Ms. Hupp is afraid Democrats could win those close races and control of the House could slip from GOP control. And she is a stalwart supporter of House Speaker Tom Craddick.
Then it came out that Libertarian chairman Pat Dixon attended a meeting with Craddick's chief of staff and other top aides in the Capitol.
Now, the Democrats went ballistic, making all sorts of accusations of backroom deals.
Well, Pat Dixon had something to say for both parties Wednesday night:.


Top 50 Political Sites for advertisers

From the expensive report of a famous rater of websites for potential advertisers, here are the latest rankings for the 50 best-read political sites:

1. The Huffington Post
2. Free Republic
3. Real Clear Politics
4. The Politico
5. Barack Obama
6. CNN Political Ticker
7. Daily Kos
8. Human Events Online
9. Townhall.com
10. Jib Jab
11. Democratic Underground
12. Fox News - Elections
13. MoveOn.org Political Action
14. BuzzFlash
15. What Really Happened
16. LewRockwell.com
17. Michelle Malkin
18. Infowars.com
19. John McCain 2008
20. Antiwar.com
21. Crooks and Liars
22. Rasmussen Reports
23. Think Progress
24. Truth Out
25. Hall for Bush
26. NewsBusters.org
27. Numbers USA
28. GOPUSA.com
29. Power Line
30. The Petition Site
31. Michael Savage
32. Media Matters for America
33. First Read: The Day in Politics
34. The NRCC
35. Little Green Footballs (LGF)
36. AnnCoulter.org
37. Grassfire.org
38. PrisonPlanet.com
39. The Truth Laid Bear
40. GlobalSecurity.org
41. Eschaton
42. Andrew Sullivan
43. America Blog
44. News with Views
45. National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action
46. Petition Online
47. New York Times - The Caucus
48. American Postal Workers Union
49. Vote.com
50. Democracy Now!


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