College Democrats Statement on HB1366 - The School Violence Prevention Act

Taking out sexual orientation and gender identity/expression protections of House Bill 1366, the School Violence Prevention Act, which is intended to protect all students from bullying and harassment, instills a sense of fear in those students who feel threatened, bullied, or harassed for their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in North Carolina schools. These students know now that their school will not stand by them when they are bullied, harassed because of who they are.

Who is Whining?

I am convinced Phil Gramm only covorts with bankers and Wall Street brokers. They are the only ones really whining and demanding that the Government save them from their own free market, no oversight, excesses.

Here is a brief video of the recent Indy Bank failure. In the video you will meet Charles Tengeri who had his life savings in Indy Bank accounts and stands to lose over $50,000.

Open Thread: if a blogger falls in the forest does she make a sound?

There was no open thread so I made my own. Because I don't have to live like a refugee (I saw Tom Petty last Saturday).

I want to meet NC bloggers I haven't met yet.

I bet there are a lot of good blogs in North Carolina that ought to be more widely read.

I wonder how bloggers can reach out to a larger audience without having to spend all their time link-strumpeting.

I made this page so that bloggers could potentially find me. I don't know how exactly how they will find me, but at least the form is now there to be found:

Doubts about Dole

The way I see Liddy Dole is simple: She's a three time loser. First she drove the American Red Cross into the ground. Then she displayed extraordinary fundraising incompetence as Queen of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. And now, working with the Decider, she has gotten the US mired in never-ending debt, never-ending war, and a full-fledged economic meltdown.

Can it get any worse?

Fair Political Campaigning: Does Our Attorney General Understand the Concept?

It is campaign season time now, as it is every four years. But one situation from the 2000 election still remains unresolved, and incredibly it appears likely to stay that way even beyond this November.

Live Blog with Dr. Michael Munger, Libertarian Candidate for Governor

Please join us tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a live-blog chat with Dr. Michael Munger, Libertarian candidate for governor. Dr. Munger has been fairly active at BlueNC and introduced himself here long before many Democrats found us. Whether you support his candidacy or not, tonight's chat provides us with a great opportunity to learn.

Please leave your questions for Dr. Munger on this thread.


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