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Remember how we hated primaries? Well, it looks like 2010 could be shaping up to be a slug fest. Between the Blue Dogs in Congress and the corporatists in the NC Senate, some rough-and-tumble primary challenges would seem entirely in order, depending on the strength of our majorities after November. Sure, it'll be tough to unseat incumbents, but we should at least make them sit up and take notice.

Contact North Carolina Legislators – Keep Yadkin River Study Commission

With North Carolina’s Budget Conference Committee meeting this week to iron out final details on the state budget, anyone who seeks a fair deal regarding the Yadkin Hydroelectric Project must urge officials to maintain a provision that establishes a study commission regarding the project.

John Edwards was Right

The Associated Press is reporting a new milestone in the ever-growing disparity between the wealthiest and the weariest as described in John Edward's mission to bring the "Two America's" together for a sustainable, strong future. For the first time in history, the planet is now home to 10 million millionaires, with the fastest growing segment of the newly rich emerging in places like India, China and Brazil. It's no accident those just happen to be the places that American millionaires, like George Bush, Dick Cheney and my opponent Robin Hayes, sent the jobs of the shrinking American middle class in their globalized race to the bottom.

Millionaires account for less than one-fifth of 1 percent of world's 6.7 billion people, yet the supperrich, with at least $30 million in assets (Robin Hayes has more than that just invested in defense firms making money off the Iraq War), are getting richer even faster off the Bush-Hayes economic policies of the last near decade while the entire world suffers global crises of poverty, energy, health, food and environmental insecurity.


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