Hagan Quadruples Cash on Hand, Narrows Gap with Dole

Both Kay Hagan and Elizabeth Dole have released their numbers and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan is closing the fundraising gap with Elizabeth Dole. Hagan brought in $1.5 million to Dole's $1.69 million in a comparable period.

Dole has dramatically outspent Hagan gaining a few points in recent polls, but opening the door for Hagan to narrow the fundraising gap between the two. Dole spent $2.15 million in the past quarter to Hagan's $657,000.

Jesse vs. the Neocons! Live On Smackdown Larry King Show Monday Nite!

July 12, 2008
Jesse vs. the Neocons



The Minessota Senate race this year was a Weekly Standard dream: Republican neocon incumbent Norm Coleman vs. Democratic neocon challenger Al Franken. The war party couldn't lose. But now ex-governor and ex-wrester Jesse Ventura may run as an independent. We'll find out Monday night on the Larry King Show. Coleman is the colorless warmonger who was sliced and diced by George Galloway over Iraq, in one of the great moments in politics. Comedian Franken, however, is in trouble because of the jokes he's told, since this is the US of PC. I remember him as the warmonger who kept anti-war thought to a minimum on Air America. In a three-way cage match, these two chickenhawks would be wiped out by Jesse. Here are some excerpts from his interview in Newsweek.

People are finally starting to feel the pain over this war. Now our economy is in the toilet and the war has played a major role in it. We should have never gone in. This was a war built on fraud....

I find it just bizarre that with the presidential approval rating less than 30 percent and congressional rating even less that Franken's trailing by double digits, so clearly he's not electable. With Coleman, you have a guy I call the quintessential chicken hawk. When it was time to serve his country, he was a chicken because he protested the war and stayed out of fighting. And then he came back all this time later and he's a hawk for the war. That hypocrisy is why I would want to come back and beat him.....

I will not spend the money that these people will spend. I live by simple creed that my father told me years ago. My father once said to me, "All politicians are crooks." I said, "Come on, Dad, how can you make a blanket statement like that?" He said because they spend a million dollars for a job that pays $100,000 a year. It's based completely on panhandling and bribery. I despise that. I have a standard rule that I will not spend more than I make. The Senate pays roughly $170,000, so that would mean I would have the ability to go to a million bucks. Coleman and Franken may spend as high as $25 million combined. Imagine how angry they would be if I won again.....


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