An amazing 15 year old girl, Ava Lowrey, started working about a year ago on animations that push back at the Bush administration and the Iraq War. She has produced at least 70. I will be highlighting her work over the next several weeks as we approach Memorial Day.

Some of her work uses the same pictures put to different songs, but all of it is very powerful. Please view the following video. It will only take a few minutes. Have a tissue handy.

Video below the fold...

Not in God's Name

For the past five and a half years we've watched as our country has fallen into the clutches of a lying, egomaniacal fascist who thinks God speaks to him. We've watched as our civil liberties have been ravaged and the man entrusted with protecting the Constitution that guarantees these liberties has reserved the right to break the laws of this land. In a country where no man is above the law, George W. Bush has elevated himself above all men and our laws. The scariest part of all of this, is that he has done it in the name of God.

Please join me on the flip side....

Taylor implicated in Abramoff influence-peddling schemes

Emails obtained by the Associated Press implicate North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) in a complex scheme with several other congressmen and senators to benefit one of convicted felon Jack Abramoff’s clients, Michigan’s Chippewa Saginaw tribe.

According to FEC reports filed by the Taylor campaign, Taylor had received $27,750 from Indian Tribes and Abramoff and his associates.

The emails delineate a conspiracy to pressure congressmen and staff in the Interior Department’s funding process. Appropriations for the Interior Department (including the Bureau of Indian Affairs) in 2003 fell under the appropriations subcommittee Taylor chaired.

Charles Taylor Profiled . . . in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review?

Yep. The piece hits all the high notes—Abramoff, banking scandal, Flight 93 memorial cockup, the Road to Nowhere, the "missing" CAFTA vote..., plus the Russian interns in DC and Asheville, which was news to me. (What, there were no WNC kids who wanted to get involved in their nation's political process?) I also learned that Taylor has spent $25,000 in taxpayer money to travel back and forth to his bank and orphanage in Russia.

Who said it was a democrat by the name of JFK??

From CNN Interactive@ http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cold.war/episodes/11/spotlight/ Dien Bien Phu 1954 battle changed Vietnam's history By Bruce Kennedy CNN Interactive It is seen by many military scholars as one of the great battles of the 20th century -- and a defining moment in the history of Southeast Asia. And yet the Battle of Dien Bien Phu receives rarely more than a passing mention in most history texts. After World War II, France was able to reinstall its colonial government in what was then known as Indochina. By 1946 a Vietnamese independence movement, led by communist Ho Chi Minh, was fighting French troops for control of northern Vietnam.

What Does $28,850 Buy You?

Maybe a new Camry with some money left over for gas? What if you were the oil and gas industry? And what if behind the cash register is, say, Virginia Foxx? Oh, well, in that case you get a vote against cracking down on price gouging and a vote for a GOP energy bill that gives billions to the oil, gas, and nuclear industries. And that's not all.


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