(Unoffical Results) From Graham County!

Somebody buy me a 2 liter Coke & a Moon Pie. I didnt know being a precicent official could be so hard. I was in charge of provisionals. Before I put up results let me tell ya, I was amazed at the drove of Dems who came out. Out of a ward with 1700 ,378 Dems showed, 322 Repubs, and I dont have a count but 90 % of the unaffiliated went Dem.

US Congress-11th Dist- Democrat Heath Shuler-----798 83% Michael Morgan---163 17% US Congress-11th Dist.-Republican Charles Taylor-----944 93% John Armor--------- 73 07% NC Senate District 50 Sen. John Snow-D--Unopposed Ken McKim-R----502 55% Sheriff Incumbent Bob DeBruhl-D--420 41% Mickey Anderson-D--504 49% Russell Wayne Moody-R--522 50%

I have all the other totals if you want them.

Kissell Wins!

Oh, how I hope I'm writing this again in November. It appears the Mecklenburg County results are coming in, but they aren't updating the web site.

Kissell is carrying 56% of the vote with 79% of precincts reporting in. It also looks like Tillis has beaten Rhodes in the only local upset.

UPDATE:Kissell message on the flip side...

The Kanoy Experiment

Kent Kanoy challenged incumbent David Price in what could only be called a protest race and lost by a huge margin. Kanoy essentially admitted in our interview with him that the only issues he had a beef with Price on were involved him not being against the Iraq war enough and not pushing to impeach Bush. So what to make of the fact that Price received over 90% even with having two opponents in this primary.

1) It is a given that incumbents are extremely difficult to beat, especially in a primary.
2) Some people were angry that Kanoy did not take on a broader progressive agenda. This certainly cost the votes of progressives that were not energized on Iraq or impeachment.

I met an Amazing Woman Tonight

I met an amazing woman tonight. She's a retired librarian. She has gray hair, but is so very far from a little old lady. She's traveling and has volunteered for a MoveOn group in Charlotte called The Freedom Group.

She's been busy in her retirement years, but not too busy to stay at a poll ALL DAY from 6:30 to 7:30 to ask voters to cast their vote for her candidate. Luckily, this time, her candidate is Larry Kissell.

She might not seem so amazing to some, but in this day and age when we feel lucky to get 10-15% of our voters to the polls, D.S. (I don't want to use her real name) stayed at a poll for 13 hours. She was the only poll worker there until I stopped by for the final two hours.

There's a little more on the flip side...


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