UNC Board Games

NC Policy Watch raises a whole bunch of eyebrows this morning with its dead-on assessment of the UNC Board of Governors and their propensity for questionable judgment. The way I see it, there's no more than a handful of Rich White Guys for Bidness and Industry running the show here in North Carolina these days. Basnight, Black, Easley and Pope are the first tier. Then there's a back-bench club of also-rans, of which tobacco lobbyist Jim Phillips is apparently a member.

It is not surprising that lobbyists are on the Board, considering how Board members are chosen. They are elected by the General Assembly. People who want to serve in effect lobby legislators for support. Who better at that than people paid to lobby for a living?

The Right's Attempted Monopoly on Being Tools

Here's a guy who is mighty proud of himself for going to Yearly Kos and trying to start an altercation and mighty miffed at the progressives for not being in Vegas just to get into a pissing contest. It's funny—my favorite part is when he says that if liberals came to a conservative convention, the conservatives sure as hell would have been rude to them! Link via Ogre.

No thanks.

This poll has been all over the news, but it leaves me pretty uninspired.

Democrats most likely to vote in the Iowa presidential caucus in 2008 prefer former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new poll shows. In The Des Moines Register poll, Edwards received 30% of the vote, compared with 26% for Clinton and 12% for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the party's nominee in 2004. The paper said it was the first poll showing anyone besides Clinton as the preferred Democrat in the race for the White House.

Baptist Messengers Coming to G'boro

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I love it when the Southern Baptists come to town. Especially when they're in a swivet over who should lead their denomination into its misogynist, delusional future. The N&O reports that as many as 14,000 "messengers" will converge on Greensboro to stir things up this Tuesday.

As the Southern Baptist Convention returns to North Carolina for the first time in 90 years, it brings with it a new spirit of contention missing from the denomination's leadership in recent times. Since the Southern Baptists -- the nation's largest Protestant denomination -- solidified their conservative ranks, the office of president has been won by an unchallenged candidate.

"I Got A Delivery For Iraq; Can Iraq Sign For This? It's A Large Box of Freedom"

"Sorry, I meant explosions. The Freedom is back-ordered." MC Frontalot - Special Delivery (Mission Accomplished Remix)

I really should have posted this yesterday. The link will be live until Tuesday. Visit Frontalot here.

Open thread: Archie Bunker edition

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I don't know what the John Locke Foundation had to pay free-market-maniac Bruce Bartlett to speak at their klan meeting last week, but whatever it was, it was too much. Rob Christensen talked to the guy and sums up his right wing spiel:

"When I say he is not a conservative, what I really mean is that he is not a movement conservative, an intellectual conservative" Bartlett told me. "I think Bush's conservatism is more instinctual -- sort of Archie Bunker-type gut instinct. It's in his gut and not in his brain. He's really not an intellectual person."



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