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The Truth About Charles Taylor

• DAV rating • Taylor's Indian Betrayal • CAFTA • National Park crisis •Forest Service budget cuts • Flight 93 flip-flop • Ethics

Taylor implicated in Abramoff influence-peddling schemes: Emails obtained by the Associated Press implicate North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) in a complex scheme with several other congressmen and senators to benefit one of convicted felon Jack Abramoff’s clients . . .

Officials closely tied to Taylor's Savings & Loan convicted of fraud, money laundering: In 2001, two close political and business associates of North Carolina Rep. Charles Taylor (R-11) pled guilty and were convicted of bank fraud and conspiracy to money laundering involving loans of $2.27 million . . .

Taylor wields congressional influence to reap profits in Russia:

Blue Review

Case of the Mondays? Life around here completely failed to grind to a halt for the three-day weekend. If you have a life, here's what you missed:

  • Martha Snead has organized an impressive amount of information on Charles Taylor into a few handy blog posts; start here.
  • Rory Blake, the man who plans to send Howard Coble packing in November, stopped by for an interview.
  • YT posted a series on the House subcommittee healthcare recommendations that we'll be hearing so much about in the coming legislative session.
  • BlueNC unleashed a new feature—NC News Wire—that will let bloggers place a feed of NC news on their own websites.
  • Finally, we had a family feud over Cindy Sheehan, proving that we are not message-obsessed automatons.

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