Off Topic: Why James Brown is the Godfather

For people around my age, the last few seconds of James Brown's "Funky Drummer," when the other instruments drop out and leave just the drums, are iconic. Those bars have been called the most sampled seconds in history (here's a partial list of appearances); the groove was an essential building block of 90s pop.

No matter how many times I hear "Funky Drummer", it turns my head. It's like sitting in a movie theater if a megastar turned to the camera and addressed you by name. If Run-DMC, Nine Inch Nails, 808 State, and and De La Soul are cocaine, "Funky Drummer" is crack.

The deeper you dig, the dirtier it gets

One of the big no-no's when it comes to electioneering is coordination of 527 activities with the specific intent of defeating or electing a candidate. That's one of the questions facing the State Board of Elections as they determine whether to hold hearings on Richard Morgan's complaint against Republican Legislative Majority, Inc., which is Art Pope's election-buying company. The puppets claim no such coordination occurred, but the record seems to indicate otherwise.

Puppetmaster No Show

If you're really bored on Friday nights when the legislature is in session, there's a decent show on North Carolina Public Television called Legislative Week In Review. I caught the end of last night's program where they had a good round up of the video poker ban, the dismissal of the ethics complaint against Easley, the dueling House and Senate tax cuts and more. In the closing segment, the announcer explained that they had tried and tried to reach Art Pope for comment, but hadn't been successful. Does anyone know what angle they were covering? I thought Pope would welcome the opportunity to 'splain his electioneering on statewide television.

Heath Shuler Points Out Taylor's Latest Failures

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhile we’ve not seen a lot of Heath Shuler coverage on this side of the Balsam Mountain Range, over in the hinterlands of the west, Shuler’s been getting great coverage from the Cherokee Sentinel. In two articles, Shuler takes on two of Charles Taylor's latest failures:

Taylor lets down forest funding, Shuler says – “Heath Shuler, candidate for Congress in North Carolina's 11th District, called on Charles Taylor to explain to the hunters, fishers, hikers, and families of western North Carolina why he allowed funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund to be eliminated and other important forest service programs slashed.

It's Been a absolute Blast! Thanks for the good times!

Hey Folks....Well, Just thought I would drop by for a moment to say Hello & Goodbye. I am officially leaving BlueNC and the other 2 blogs I frequent. My political writing has come to a end. I did something that I felt in my heart was the correct thing to do, something every fiber of my Moral & ethical standards told me was the right thing to do. But for someone else it turned
Out to be the wrong thing to do. My Political Correctness turned out to be my Political Wrongness.

Friendship can be a very awesome responsibility! And when one must stay Loyal to his closest Friends as I do mine, the result can be at the very least mindboggleing! I had to make a decision Whether to remain Loyal to friends who are every bit as close as family to me ,to be honest,to stand up for them or to let a issue go that could have really done damage to them. I chose To be loyal to my friends and get to the bottom of a issue. Well, It turns out it was wrong to do That. In some eyes that is but not in all. I still have my friends and that is more important to me Than anything else.

Locker Room Follies (aka Friday Califorina Blogging)

John Ham over at the JLF blog is complaining about how the media is calling Bilbray's win over Busby in CA-50 a "squeaker" even though Clinton never won the US by a larger margin. You would expect a person with his brain in some gear besides neutral (or reverse) to consider differences between CA-50 and the US as a whole.

The district was gerrymandered to exclude the relatively liberal areas of La Jolla, Bird Rock, downtown La Jolla, and UCSD. Those areas were moved to the more-liberal 53rd District, and the more conservative community of Clairemont Mesa was added to the new 50th District. [Wikipedia]

For a Republican to just barely win a seat like that (and that only after the national party poured in nearly $5mil) is a shameful showing. Calling it a "squeaker" is being kind.


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