Some Reporters Just Amaze Me!

Dear Mr/Ms GOP Conservative Reporter,

Well, I just so happened to miss A_ _hole without Leave,Bush's immigration speech. Not that I wanted to but I did so kick me.

I did a little snooping. They were authorized when he first took office to put on 2000 more agents out of which they still are short of 700.

Me haveing worked at the ASA Communications Center in AZ called up a old Army buddy who still lives out there to confirm some things.

98% of most all NG Units in that area are MP units and some of you idiot reporters on TV are telling that they will have no Law Enforcement Rights. WRONG!!!

Charles Taylor Out of the Mainstream on Immigration

After hearing President Bush offer his carefully choreographed paean to anti-immigration Americans and to voting Hispanics, it became clear just how far out of the mainstream Congressman Charles Taylor is. His support of the hateful HR4437 demonstrates that not even our right wing President is radical enough.

I'm Back!

Dang, It sure feels great to be back!!!! Lance, I dont know what to tell ya. I was useing Firefox with the IE TAb and could not get back in so I come back over here to IE 7 and BAM! I'm in!

DQ & Southern Dem, I love ya both! Thanks for trying to locate me and wondering where I was. I thought you were going to have to call 911 & the National Guard!
All Me Best!!

Reason 25: Why You Shouldn't Vote Republican

The first reason you shouldn't vote Republican is that they don't have the best interests of North Carolinians at heart. The other 24 reasons are the Republicans moronic enough to pay $5000 each to have their picture made with Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani was in town recently to raise money for the NCGOP. About 300 people attended a luncheon. A couple dozen paid for pictures. Howard Dean came to Charlotte where 300 people attended a dinner and 450 attended a rally. He walked the streets ringing on doorbells. In the precincts he walked, voter turnout doubled on primary election day. Pictures with Howard Dean were free.

Remember the Effing Fish

President Bush was lobbed a softball recently while in Germany. All he had to do was come up with a highlight of the past five and a half years. All he needed was one, single, solitary heart-warming story about his presidency. He could have talked about the resolve of our country after the attacks of 9/11. He could have mentioned the spirit of those rebuilding after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. He could have spoken of meeting a brave soldier, marine, airman or sailor recovering from injuries at Walter Reed Hospital. George Bush, the President of the United States ignored all of these possibilities and chose as the highlight of his presidency catching a 7.5 pound Perch from his lake in Texas.

Humor and heartbreak below the fold...

Crashing Raleigh

Cheap plastic chairs, good wine and even better company greeted us Friday night when we attended the Raleigh stop of the Crashing the Gate book tour.

It was a cool night in North Carolina with a full moon rising.  Markos and Jerome arrived early at Quail Ridge Booksfor the event, with lots of great local Dems and representatives from assorted progressive causes there for the meet & greet.  

The crowd seemed a good match for the book's basic message of "people powered politics."  The theme of starting locally to build and support good progressive candidates so that our next generation is in place and strong when the party dinosaurs start to drop back was well illustrated by the whole atmosphere   The chairs were rickety white plastic and the microphone squealed with feedback all too frequently, but the energy and optimism in the room was refreshing.


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