Finding Green on Blue

In the midst of all the political shenanigans swirling about, serious legislative initiatives going on in Raleigh can be hard to keep up with. The North Carolina Conservation Network does a good job on their blog this week running down the green issues on the Short Session agenda. A preview below the fold:

Back on Black

The News and Observer is like an unpredictable date, regularly late to the party and often wearing the wrong clothes. Today their friendly advice to the NC State Optometric Society seems fair enough, but they stop short of giving the hard advice that should be given to the North Carolina Democratic Party: Dump Jim Black as Speaker. Here's their lead editorial.

Here's a clue for the N.C. State Optometric Society: The public won't stand for sneaking a costly mandate into the state budget, even if a New Jersey commission supports it. It's not that North Carolinians don't want the best for their children, including eye exams before they start kindergarten. But House Speaker Jim Black, an optometrist who receives campaign funding from his colleagues, essentially took it upon himself to make the eye-exam requirement law without public discussion. Whether or not New Jersey saves money with such a requirement, as the society argued last week in a press release, is extraneous information at this late date.

I apoligize for being AWOL!

I apologize to everyone for being AWOL over the past few days. Thanks to DQ for contacting me. Just been thru a busy,Hetic week Veteran work wise. Well, at least you all cant call me AWOL George!HAAAAAAAAA! I will be back in the groove soon! Thanks DQ!


Rove informs WH he will be indicted !!!

It's about time this arrogant slime ball who's complicity in orchestrating this symphony of shit 29% of Americans call an administration is taken to the shed for a beating.

The administration is unraveling in a spectacular slow motion explosion, a horrific captivating drama that many of us saw coming a long time ago. The true patriots of freedom, those with the courage to stand up and dissent when it was not popular will be the hero's of these past 6 years and not the paper tigers, the chicken hawk, chicken shit that wrapped themselves in our flag to promote their own agenda.

More feudin'

Sometimes I'm tempted to feel sorry for Art Pope. He's an rich businessman who could be making a huge difference for the common good, and yet he seems obsessed with the pursuit of power. He poured a least a hundred thousand dollars of corporate money into buying three seats in the NC legislature, and now he's trying to buy control over teaching and learning at UNC Chapel Hill. He says he'll give the University millions if they'll design a curriculum to celebrate the joys of white old rich men in Western culture - as though there's not enough of that already.

The background on the story is here, courtesy of a story in the Durham Herald, where the faculty have basically said, "Thanks, but no thanks" in a formal resolution passed by the Faculty Council. But that didn't stop the juggernaut. The UNC-CH administration is still trying to try to reel in Pope's millions. The latest move in the saga is a memo written by eight tenured faculty members to the Chancellor and a few other top dogs in the administration.

A Republican worth supporting?

Looks like a dustup over in Moore County - with an upstart citizen declaring war on Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope's corporate money in local elections. The Pilot has the news about the General who would kick Pope's handpicked puppet, Joe Boylan.

Shaver Mounts Campaign to Oppose Boylan

If Manila 'Bud' Shaver has his way, Joe Boylan (hand picked by the Puppetmaster) will face opposition on the November general election ballot. Shaver intends to give him competition without the backing of the state Republican Party leadership. A retired Army major general, Shaver announced this week that he is mounting a campaign as an unaffiliated candidate for the District 52 seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives.


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