Mea culpa

Bar studying is taking a lot of my time, and now my laptop has died. I'm trying to keep up, and I'll be back on the site for realz soon.

Back-seat riders will need to buckle

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We already know where the Jacksonville Daily News stands on this…

Regardless of their editorial, the NC General Assembly has approved the bill requiring back-seat passengers to be strapped. This is a good thing, even if the penalties aren’t quite painful.

People continue to fail to understand why this is an important safety requirement. People such as State Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden). In the article Mr. Berger says "We continue to see an erosion of our personal freedoms,". Wow. All that just from having to buckle a seat-belt.

I invite you, Mr. Berger, and anyone else, to go to your preferred hardware store, purchase a 200 pound back of sand and put it in the rear seat (behind the driver’s seat, please). Get in the car and drive. Accelerate to about 55 miles per hour, then slam on the brakes.

Stagemanager to poor kids: Go play in the streets

I guess when your name is John Hood and your job is to hate government on behalf of Puppetmaster Pope, you shouldn't be surprised to find pure idiocy spilling from your keyboard. But it's still ironic that Hood has this to say in an era where local governments are squeezed under the thumb of anti-tax free-marketeers.

Guilford GOP Chair: Being gay 'as natural as pedophilia'

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Marcus KindleyMarcus Kindley (pictured right), Chairman of the Guilford County (NC) Republican Party has hit an all-time low.

In a post on his blog, "The Chairman's Corner," Kindley compares being gay to pedophilia. Later in the post, Kindley says that our churches, the media and society have neglected to put a value on right and wrong by stressing the value of "personal decisions" stating that the same could be said for "murder, rape, sposal (sic) abuse, pedophilia, [and] incest."


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