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I Must be totally color Blind! All this time when I got cut or something I thought my blood was red. But Dang if Im now wrong!


I took a look at my BLOGS folder. Other than the 2 of my own I do only the SD, Scrunity Hooligans and BLUE NC!


Those are the only 3 blogs I go too! So, Dang, If my blood dont run BLUE NC!

Charles Taylor Credibility Crisis: Part Three, The Abramoff Money

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The Charles Taylor campaign is in war mode. Press Secretary Debra Potter isn't returning phone calls from reporters. Taylor's credibility lies around him like black confetti, and even the mainstream media is on to him now.

AP: "WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican Party official and Jack Abramoff's lobbying team bluntly discussed using large political donations as a way to pressure lawmakers into securing federal money for a tribal client, according to e-mails gathered by prosecutors.

The e-mails detail how Abramoff's team worked to leverage assistance from the White House, Congress — including Rep. Charles Taylor, R-N.C. — and the GOP to get a reluctant federal agency and a single Republican congressional aide to stop blocking school construction money for the Saginaw Chippewa tribe. The e-mails were obtained by The Associated Press.

870 Words

That's how many words are in today's Carolina Journal story about the troubles of Charles Taylor. And not a single one of those words acknowledges the disastrous consequences of Republican control of Congress. Not a single one of those words calls for the restoration of accountability in government. Not a single one of those words seeks to restore integrity to public policy. And not a single one of those words makes a point that makes a difference.

I know the John Locke Foundation can't endorse candidates for fear of losing the tax-exempt status that makes them a magnet for big corporate contributions, but that status does not preclude pointing to the truth about Taylor's complicity in the Bush Crime Family.

There's more . . .

Larry Kissell Stands Out in Debate

It wasn't heavily publicized, but there was a televised debate between the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District. The winner in the primary will face Republican Robin Hayes.

There has been no mud-slinging that I've heard and all three candidates are decent, honorable, hard-working men. All three seem to have the integrity and intelligence it will take to clean up the mess Republicans have made of our government and all three will work for the common good.

See how Kissell stood out on the flip side...

Chris Mintz court docs detail breach of fiduciary trust,CONSPIRED TO WRONGFULLY/SECRETLY DIVERT 18 MILLION IN ASSETS


Due Diligence.

Some people say we should take Chris Mintz at his word, that researching his past and putting it under public scrutiny is somehow traitorous to Democrats, that I should be ashamed of myself for creating my web site. They are welcome to that opinion but I have no respect for folks that fail to exercise political due diligence and simply take at face value what a candidate says.

Mr Mintz makes a big deal on his website and in his mailings about being a candidate of trust and integrity and how he earned that trust while working for a large investment firm. On his website he says:

BRAVO!! Way To Go Heath Shuler!!!!! Chuck Says we are all Mudslingers!

Well, Well, Well! It just so happens that Chuckie Taylor made a apperance in Asheville today. I guess that is the reason he could not take time to awnser my e mails( more on that later).
He stated on WLOS -TV 13 he did not know Jack-o and had no dealings with him. That they had a couple of fundraiseing partys and that explains the money Jack-O was to of gave to him. Also ,that all of us educated, experenced, honorable writers such as here at Blue NC are Mudslingers!

UH_HUH! Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

But dont dismay, They also interviewed Heath Shuler. Shuler firmly stood his ground and flatly called Taylors bluff! He also called for everyone involved to give the Jack-O money back! That it is time for the corruption of goverment to end!

Rowan County Don't Like the Queers

The Rowan-Salisbury school board turned down a student's application to form a chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at the school. Matt Hill has been doing a great job covering the story on his blog (original post; follow-up). I'll only add that, under the federal Equal Access Act, whether the school has created a "limited open forum" by allowing other non-curricular groups to form. If so, they pretty much have to let the GSA form—Congress said so.

I couldn't find a list of clubs and organizations on the South Rowan High website, but here's why the school board said they denied the application:


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