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The BlueNC store is open for business at There are only a few items there now, but what we lack in quantity we make up in pure lefty North Carolina goodness. We'll be adding items and designs in the future (so let us know if you have any suggestions).

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Live Blogging Taylor's Radio Appearance

I called Congressman Taylor's office to get a statement on the Abramoff affair, and they told me that Taylor was going to be on the radio - RIGHT NOW!

So I tuned in online and liveblogged the event at Scrutiny Hooligans:

UPDATE - Taylor on 570 AM WWNC. Liveblogging - 5:15pm

Taylor goes over fundraising policy, says he never trades decision making for money.

Blames Democrats for taking Abramoff money.

Taylor claims that national Democrats want to take money away from North Carolina and put it in "California".

After "Whether," Ask "Who?"

The Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN) has a short piece on their site addressing the question of who should own toll roads. Given NC's recent attraction to the idea, it's worth a read:

Allowing some private investment in building infrastructure is not the problem – that's common in countries around the world. The corrupt aspect of many of these new state projects are the extreme long-term leases that undermine democratic control of our transportation infrastructure for multiple generations. And in both Indiana and Texas, not only will private companies control the roads they lease, they will have "noncompete" contracts that allow them to block any new roads in the same area that future governments might decide to build.

Indy Outs Chris Mintz

All I can say is thank goodness we have a paper like the Indy and reporters like Bob Geary. He lays it all out regarding Mintzs' alleged moderate claims and recalls meeting him at a called2action meeting a year ago along with other interesting factoids. No mention of the court docs we uncovered but that's understandable. WOOOOT to everyone that is spreading the word on this Chameleon.

Pope and Morgan, Pots and Kettles

Rob Christensen gives all the gory details in today's News and Observer. Zowie, folks! It looks like the Puppetmaster may be losing some of his strings!

Former House Speaker Richard Morgan on Wednesday took legal steps to shut down the independent political campaign being waged against him and like-minded Republicans by his GOP rivals. Morgan, a state House member from Moore County, formally asked for an investigation by the State Board of Elections into whether several groups with strong ties to former state Rep. Art Pope, a Raleigh retail executive, were using illegal corporate contributions to help defeat Morgan and his allies.

I Made A Amazing Discovery!

I Must be totally color Blind! All this time when I got cut or something I thought my blood was red. But Dang if Im now wrong!


I took a look at my BLOGS folder. Other than the 2 of my own I do only the SD, Scrunity Hooligans and BLUE NC!


Those are the only 3 blogs I go too! So, Dang, If my blood dont run BLUE NC!


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