Speaking as a Layman, this is Lame. Man.

Sorry for the title, but this is just about the dumbest argument against a minimum wage increase that I've ever heard:

He says the higher the wage, the more likely minimum-wage jobs will attract people into the work force who haven't been seeking jobs in the past. Who are those people? Teenagers from wealthy families. Those teens begin to crowd out other teens and adults for minimum-wage jobs, so the higher minimum wage actually makes it harder for a low-income adult to find a job to support his family.

Right. Chase and Brittany, who would rather hang out at the club than flip burgers at $5.15 an hour are going to be beating down the doors to do that same job at $6.00 an hour.

Who Did You Encourage to Vote Today?

Who will you encourage to vote tomorrow? You have voted for yourself, right? Word on the street is that there are no excuses. And I heard one conservative tell another that liberal turnout would be low because we'll all be at home smokin' weed and listening to Pink Floyd while munching on granola. Let's show 'em! (You can put the granola in a baggie and take it with you; best to leave the other stuff at home.)

Vernon Robinson's Ridiculous Radio Ad

Vernon Robinson, the self-proclaimed Black Jesse Helms, has launched his first insane radio ad against Brad Miller. Brad Miller provides the audio here.

It looks like Robinson is using lies about immigration and gay marriage to smear Brad Miller:

If Miller had his way, America would be one big fiesta for aliens and homosexuals

To stop these attacks, go to Brad Miller.org and give him your support.

Rove and Fitzgerald Meet with Grand Jury Today

With Mother's Day and my birthday fast approaching, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has taken steps to deliver me the best month of May in recent history. I can tell my husband to cancel birthday plans. Dear, sweet Pat is going to deliver the gifts for him. How thoughtful! And, he doesn't even have to wrap them.

More detail below the fold...

Western NC Republicans Co-sponsor Outer Banks Drilling Bill

Lets slap an OBX sticker on Charlie Taylor's back on his way out the door! Anglico already covered this today, but I thought I'd throw in my two bits...

(Cross posted at the Appalachian Voices blog)

From the WSJounal:

A bill supported by four of the seven Republicans in North Carolina's congressional delegation could open the Outer Banks to natural-gas exploration.


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