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It's bad enough that Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope wants to control the Republican Party and state government - he also wants to control the University of North Carolina. Recent stories about his attempts to illegally peddle influence in local elections reminded me of this story which ran in the Independent this past January.

Latest From Osama Not Been Forgotten!

They used to hav a joke going around that went,"Osama Been Forgotten" . It dosent look that Way. I just found this at;


Makes a pretty interesting read and also appeared at Fox News.

Osama bin Laden issued ominous new threats in an audiotape broadcast Sunday, saying the West was at war with Islam and calling on his followers to go to Sudan to fight a proposed U.N. force. In his first new message in three months, bin Laden said the West's decision to cut off funds to the Palestinians because their Hamas leaders refuse to recognize Israel proved that the United States and Europe were conducting "a Zionist crusader war on Islam...The blockade which the West is imposing on the government of Hamas proves that there is a Zionist crusader war on Islam," said the speaker on the tape broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network.

Vote Robin Hudson. Here's why:

[Lance: I front-paged this because it raises questions that need answering—is Gore advertising deceptively? Or what? Max, can you chime in here?]

I just got this e-mail from an entity called "Rachel for Supreme Court Committee" But, guess what?

When I clicked on it these were the first words I read:"VOTE BILL GORE on MAY 2" So I looked up Bill Gore.

You can go here to read his answers to a questionnaire by the Family Policy Council. Go here to read how he compares to the Republicans he's running against.

If you don't wish to follow the links, let me tell you that the only way he differs from the two Republicans in the race is that his favorite Supreme Court Justice is Roberts instead of Scalia.

What did one Republican candidate say to the other?

I'm stupider than you are

That's exactly what Republicans say to one another when they get all worked up about "No Tax" pledges that rear their ugly heads every election cycle. The Winston Salem Journal covers the latest sorry saga.

Many politicians say they won't vote to raise taxes. Some even sign a pledge not to do so. But signing on to such a clear statement also raises questions that lack clear answers.

The issue has come up in the race for the 31st District N.C. Senate seat, as it does each election cycle all across the country. Since 1986, the advocacy group Americans for Taxpayer Reform has circulated the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" - a brief, written promise to oppose all tax increases - and urged candidates for state and national office to sign it.

Puppetmaster makes the Pilot

The Pilot (Southern Pines) has a nice backgrounder on the NCGOP pissing contest with Richard Morgan. They give special attention to Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope in his spending frenzy to purify the party he owns.

Art Pope, a longtime arch-enemy of Morgan and a former House member, has donated more than $100,000 — through his businesses — to a group running ads attacking Morgan. One of them uses a baseball theme that asks voters to “Call Him Out.”

Morgan has filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections, claiming that the money and advertisements are illegal because they name him. Morgan’s foes say the ads are from an issue-advocacy group, called the Republican Legislative Majority of North Carolina, which can accept corporate dollars as long as it doesn’t advocate for or against a specific candidate.


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