MSM Outraged!

One of our bloggy bretheren must be doing something right:

An unsigned editorial in today's Watauga Democrat entitled "Rumor has it..." gets all self-righteous about this blog's articles and the comments of some readers. Self-righteous and more than a little defensive, which is a clumsy combination.

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Now they're rewriting history

At the risk of giving the Art Pope more publicity than he deserves, I am compelled to point out one more grisly act in the Puppetshow. Mr. Pope doesn't like how schools teach history and wants to have it rewritten in his own egomaniacal image. Witness the North Carolina History Project.

Purpose and Goals

During the past few decades, scholarship has minimized what most know to be true—that individuals can make a difference and that ideas matter.

Really? My daughter went through public school in the past few decades. I never once got the impression that individuals don't make a difference and that ideas don't matter.

Public financing pilot for N.C. legislative races endorsed

Public financing pilot for N.C. legislative races endorsed

Here's a small bit of good news. It looks like NC may be taking another step toward election policies that level the playing field just a bit. Republicans are agains public financing of elections because they like things just the way they are . . . where rich guys can buy whichever races they want. We'll have to wait see how this fares in the NC House - but let's keep an eye on it. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing these good people have helped usher this along.

The Truth Ad Watch Watch

Crossposted at Keeping Reality In Sight

I saw a clip the other day from Bill O'. discussing an ad from a republican campaign. This campaign ad completely distorts the record of the democratic incumbent. So what does Bill O' do? Why he claims it's all true.

Oh! You thought I was talking about Bill O'Reilly from Faux News? No, this one was from Bill O'Neil from WXII news, who was doing a piece called "The Truth Ad Watch". The ad in question is from Vernon Robinson who is running for the 13th district in NC. Jay Ovittore has a great write up about the distortions in the ad. But I thought I'd give Mr. Robinson and Mr. O'Neil a little taste of their own medicine and then see what Mr. O'Neil had to say about that.

Wal-Mart Creating Its Own Tax?

According to some logic out there, if you buy a good voluntarily and some portion of that money goes to the state, then it is a tax. Well, sure that makes sense. Of course, you can avoid the item, but let's forget about that for a moment. I think this raises many good questions, after the break.

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Last night I was invited to examine the methodology of surveys conducted by the John Locke Foundation. Having been in the market research business for more than 20 years, I consider myself at least partially qualified for the task.

To those not familiar with the industry, there is as much art as science involved. For example, knowing how to ask questions to get unbiased responses is one aspect of the art – assuming of course that you actually want unbiased responses. This is especially challenging for researchers who come to their projects with ideological biases and agendas. The tobacco industry, for example, is widely known for its abuse and misuse of all kinds of research.


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