The Marine Massacre @ Haditha Iraq. Part 2

The Hadithah Massacre! Now to try to understand!

By Daniel Siler@ BlueNC!
June 3rd,2006
Basically, In order to try and gain a understanding of the events which led up to the slaying of 24 unarmed civilians
We must turn back time to 38 years ago. I know I said I burred the Ghosts of the past several days ago but in order to tell the story correctly we must exhume a couple of those ghost in order that we may better understand what took place in Iraq! Now ,to those of you who are history majors you will probably know about this and then again, 38 years was a long time ago so you may not be old enough to remember.

The Unofficial Heath Shuler Forum

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Heath Shuler is our Democratic candidate for Congress in North Carolina's Eleventh District. We know all about his opponent, the failure Charles Taylor, but what do you know about Heath Shuler? And from what you know, what do you think?

Art Pope = Karl Rove + Jack Abramoff

It's hard these days to keep up with all the crooks and liars in politics. But keep up we must, even when it can seem overwhelming. Many of us are focused on 2006 Congressional races, especially here in North Carolina where we have an excellent chance to oust two ethically challenged Republicans, Charles Taylor and Robin Hayes. Our progressive grassroots community swarmed in full force during the May primaries and we are poised to make November 7 a day to remember.

But the threat to democracy of these two corrupt Congressmen pales in comparison to the illegal activities of the man who would be king here of the Old North State, Mr. Art Pope. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I assure you, it is not. Over the next week, I am going to make the sobering case that a quiet coup is underway in North Carolina. Based on filings submitted to the State Board of Elections, you will learn that:


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