Dans State of the Union Adress

I guess we could call this, Dan’s State of the Union address for 2006. It would seem that President Bush is currently having problems with what they refer to as “Peace Democrats”! However, these so called problems are not as unique as many folks think. When Lincoln was President he had even more problems out of Democrats in that his administration’s treatment of “disloyal” people and practices was often carried beyond today’s rest rants of civil justice. The old Anglo-Saxon concept of the “rule of Law”,
The idea that government itself is under the law and “MUST NOT” be arbitrary was certainly under siege.

Sorry for being gone, BUT, I'm BAACCKKK!

OK, OK, I’m off of my short lived vacation. Happy to report that my Dad is doing much better and who knows, he may just kick this thing. There has been a lot of improvement’s in the field of treating cancer.
I apologize to all of you for not keeping my Veterans & Military Column up. Over Memorial Day week I seemed to really have a bad bout with my old arch enemy ,the PTSD. Although I’m still having some small Anxiety problems I am much better now and on the mend. My attitude is much improved and I want to personally Thank and acknowledge my good friend Dr. Robert Peterson of our BlueNC clan for his much needed advice over the past few days and getting me kick started! You now, I think it may have been Lance that one time told me, and this was after I had misunderstood what Robert had said ,that he & I probably had more in common than I realized. Well, Lance you were right and I have never regretted one day of having Robert as my friend!

Medals Of Honor & Devil's in Baggy Pants!

As most of you know, Rarely do I do a story in Military History , but I missed Memorial Day, And Rarely do I do a dedication to my articles , But I take a profound Honor in dedicating this story to Major Thomas Earnhardt,Public Affairs Officer/82nd Airborne Division/Ft.Bragg,NC. A true “Devil in Baggy Pants”! In this world in which we live, we often refer to a term that says "Respect is Earned". Anglico ,who was a military officer and others here will know what I am talking about.

Tom Earnhardt has done just that, He has earned my respect & admiration over the past few months. Not only by sticking to his guns with a request I made of the 82nd but by being one of those rarest of the rarest of Officers. Those who speak the Truth and whose word is their bond. So Tom , Anglico and our other veterans here, this is for you!

White Supremacists and Charles Taylor - Unfortunate Bedfellows

{pic by Joe Songer at the M.A.}

HR4437, the anti-immigration bill that makes felons of all undocumented immigrants and the people who help them, has been at the top of Congressman Charles Taylor's wish list for a decade. He's consistently preached the doctrine of intolerance when it comes to immigrants, particularly the brown-skinned variety. Now he's got allies in this fight.

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Empty Gestures, Empty Promises from Empty Wig

Senator Elizabeth Dole, R-NC, has proven that she stinks at raising money for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, so she's giving diplomacy a try. Chances are, her lack of sincerity is going to cause her some troubles in her new endeavor.

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