We're Official!

Drinking Liberally Chapel Hill lives! We're on the web here, but more importantly, you can sign up for the low-volume high-quality mailing list here. There's also a discussion forum here.

What does this mean? For those of us around Chapel Hill, it means that there are two nights a month when you can go out and have a beer with the best kind of folks. We'll be kicking off on Thursday the 16th at Tyler's Taproom in Carrboro (map).

Be ye advised: Drinking Liberally is its own thing, and not affiliated with or presented by BlueNC.

Now go join that mailing list!

It's hard out here for pimp . . .

It's hard out here for a pimp, unless you happen to be part of the NCGOP, in which case pimping comes as naturally as, ummmm, lying and scamming? Go get the story directly if you have the stomach for it.

Just think, for only $150 you can get three (count 'em) three real books signed by America's most embarrassing senators! First is Liddy Dole, the con-lady who tried to extort money from Southern Dem. Then there's Bob "Viagra" Dole, pimpmeister for the foreign takeover of US ports. And last and very least, good old Jesse Helms. He almost seems like a decent guy when you compare him to the crooks running the Senate these days.

Quick Question on Who Dislikes Bush

Are these Bush's numbers in:
A) The Northeast
B) Europe
C) West Coast
D) Where they hate America, or
E) The Down and Dirty South.

The answer, unfortunately for W., is E.

The Elon University poll is here. Note that Bush may be even lower due to the port deal since the last survey was concluded a week ago. More from the results to warm our hearts:

A new Elon University Poll shows support for President George W. Bush stands at 43 percent in

NC Unemployment Falls for 7th Straight Month

North Carolina's unemployment rate saw the largest month-to-month decrease since February 1978 with the rate in January at 4.3 percent. That's down from December's rate of 5.1 percent.

North Carolina's unemployment rate also dropped below the national average, which was 4.7 percent in January.

Charlotte Business Journal: N.C. unemployment rate falls to 4.3% - 2006-03-09

Charlotte Business Calls It Right

When right-wing power companies accuse progressive candidates of political posturing, you have to scratch your head. I guess that's why Freud came up with the idea of projection . . . seeing in others the thing you refuse to see in yourself. In any case, the saga of Roy Cooper taking Tennessee to the woodshed over its polluting ways continues, this time with the Charlotte Business Journal weighing in on the side of the common good for a change. It's a pretty good story, that gets to the crux of the issue.

To market, to market

One of the funny things about big-bidness free-market types is that they just love to lean on taxpayer support when it suits their needs. And now that the High Point Furniture Market is seeing some serious competition from Las Vegas, big cheeses in the Triad are looking for a little love -- in the form of economic incentives -- to help fund their marketing activities. This from the Winston-Salem Journal this morning. By sucking public money to help promote their annual extravaganza, High Point executives figure they'll help continue the $1.2 billion in economic impact they attribute to the show. To which I say: if the Furniture Market is so damn good for other local businesses, why don't THEY fund the marketing campaign directly? Getting taxpayers involved in paying for this kind of scheme is wrong.


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