Let's make a deal.

Duke Energy wants to burn some more coal. That's to be expected. But here's what has me worried. Whatever new coal plants they build (and they will build them) will come on line no sooner than 2011. That's five years out. So imagine how far in the future anything even remotely resembling renewable energy must be. Here's how I'd handle it:

Dear Duke Energy.

Please move forwared and build your new coal plants. We'll make permitting as and easy as possible. Be sure the plants are as green as green can be and then some.

There's only one condition: Give us a date certain by which you'll have 33 percent of your power generation from alternative sources. Give us the month, the day and the year. Hit that date and you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams, and I know they're pretty wild. Miss that date and penalties will kick in big time.

We'll make it worth your while to innovate. And it'll cost you if you don't.

So we have four numbers to discuss:

Percentage of source shifted
Upside benefit
The penalty cost

Let's make a deal.

Press release below.

Vermin Smackdown

Props to Raleigh Rob for bringing this great column to our attention, by way of the News and Observer's Barry Saunders. I love Barry and I especially enjoy his way with words. Here's the close of his great smackdown of Vermin Robinson:

If this opening salvo is the level of discourse we can expect, by Election Day we'll all be wishing that someone else had remained childless. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.

Message to Republicans: Don't Mess with the Blogosphere

You Can Prove A Point Here.

We've had another round of blogospheric outrage this week at Vernon Robinson's campaign tactics, including an article at DailyKos by Markos. I appreciate the shout out, but being in the middle of all of this isn't really all that much fun--so how many people now know that my wife and I can't have children?

I've already made an appeal at DailyKos for netroots help in my campaign, both for volunteers and contributions. Robinson's campaign will be stunningly nasty and I will have to struggle to raise the money I need, but I know there are plenty of Democratic challengers around the country that have a real shot at upsetting a Republican incumbent, and most of them will have a lot more trouble raising money than I will.

Thursday at the General Assembly

I don't know if this is a complete summary of the legislature's public activities or not, but I DO know that none of it matters much. The Big Boys haven't finished their final deals in the back rooms yet, and nothing counts until they do the secret handshake. It's a long article, but worth the read if you're interested in how the boys and girls in Raleigh are doing the people's bidness. More below the fold.

Wilmington Race Riot Commission Releases Recommendations

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the preliminary draft report of the Wilmington Race Riot Commission. The Commission was formed to examine the events of 1898, when the Wilmington City government and the majority of the Black community were attacked by a mob of White Democrats upset with the state of affairs in the city. The Commission concluded that the "riot" was really a planned overthrow of the local government--the only successful overthrow of a local government in the history of the United States. The overthrow had many long lasting negative effects on the Black community in the Southeastern part of the state.


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