NC Health Care Recommendations: Medicaid

On April 11, 2006, the North Carolina House Select Committee on Health Care released recommendations for the 2006 legislative short session. Many of them will be controversial, and taken together they have the potential to significantly change the way that North Carolinians access health care and insurance (and how much we pay). Some of these topics are pretty technical, but no less important for their difficulty. I'm hoping that these posts will begin a conversation on the best course for North Carolina's efforts at healthcare reform.

I'll publish the recommendations of the six subcommittees in six posts, along with some of the background information from each report. The subcommittees are:

Sue who?

This from the odd couple over at Talking about politics.

My old friend and adversary Jack Hawke sponsored a conservative gripe-a-thon in Durham last week. "It is a travesty that North Carolina is controlled by the Democrats," U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx told the N.C. Conservative Leadership Conference.

I disagree, of course. I believe it's a credit to the good judgment of North Carolinians that Democrats hold the Governor's Office and both houses of the GA. But Jack had one thing right. The state GOP lacks a strong spokesperson. No star power, if you will.

The worm is turning

Congressman Charles Taylor's (NC-11) normally subservient propaganda apparatus today came up with the intestinal fortitude to tentatively remind the Titanic's captain there appears to be an iceberg ahead.

In an editorial aggressively headlined:

Voters deserve some answers from Taylor

the Asheville Citizen Times had the temerity to remind North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) that "hey, cap'm. You know if the ship goes down, there really ain't enough lifeboats."

Rory Blake: On the Record

“Electing a great Democratic majority this fall should send a clear message to even the dimmest bulb that Americans want us to work together to change the direction in which the country is headed.”

—Rory Blake, Democratic Candidate for North Carolina's 6th Congressional District

In November, Democrats and progressives in my neck of the woods will have a strong alternative to the 6th District's perennial Republican representative Howard Coble, who will be seeking his 12th term in the US House. Rory Blake made some time in his busy schedule to provide thoughtful answers to questions on the issues and politics that will pave the way to November:


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