"Down With Judicial Activism, and Down With Judges Who Don't Give Me What I Want"

Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. Here's Reverend Mark H. Creech railing against Judge Hight for throwing out the NC lottery lawsuit brought by (former) Justice Orr and the NC Institute for Constitutional Law:

It's a considerable disappointment Judge Hight failed to stop the injustice perpetrated by the way in which the lottery garnered passage. The judge states a number of findings in his ruling, but fails to give any rationale for his decision that the lottery was passed constitutionally.

Here's what Creech won't tell you: the decision he desired would go against the authoritative weight of judicial precedent on the matter. After the lawsuit was filed, I hit Westlaw and read the cases that had interpreted the section of the NC constitution that Orr's complaint was based on. The opinions are not unanimous, but the NC courts have been generally unwilling over the years to find that various kinds of state actions constitute taxes. The balance was tilted so strongly against finding a tax in this case that I chalked the NCICL case up as a PR or stalling tactic and assumed it wouldn't go anywhere.

So what do you want from a candidate?

The more I read the funnier it gets. It amazes me how we want to suppress ordinary people with a passion for "career politicians".

Now I admit, I only know a little about Mr. Morgan. And what I do know is not necessarily about his politics, but from what I have seen and heard he has as much going for him as these other guys. In fact probably more. Heck, Heath Shuler does not even know what party he belongs to. First Republican, then democrat. He just latches on to one because he thinks he can win the primary. Now that's Conviction and Integrity for you!

you dont have to be a fan to support

I guess that it is the nature of things, but I wish that when someone disliked someone and started blogging about them, they would at least think it through and check their spelling. This guy who has it out for Michael Morgan is at best an idiot, sorry, but the truth hurts. Learn how to spell. Communication is essential if you want people to listen to what you have to say

In Other Wilderness News...

This landmark agreement between International Paper, The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund is critical to conservation efforts in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast. North Carolinians will now have an additional 77,000 acres of protected land to appreciate and explore.

That's governor Easley describing the purchase of several hundred thousand acres of paper-company forest across the southeast by a conservancy group. Details at the NCDP website.

Getting in Front on Gangs

All too often Democrats in this state wait until crisis time to start any real thinking, see e.g. Jim Black. The growing concerns of gangs in North Carolina is one area that the Democrats should start moving now. There is a wealth of statistical evidence on the problem of gang activity in North Carolina (focusing on Hispanic gangs) in the new study from the Governor's Crime Commission. The data that they found was disturbing:

Trend data indicates a 16.6 percent increase in the number of reported gangs

ACTION ALERT: Fully Fund Education and Health

Call Members of the House Budget Committee and Urge Them to Vote for the DeLauro Amendment

ACTION NEEDED: If your Representative serves on the House Budget Committee (see list below), call him/her TODAY and urge him/her to vote for the DeLauro amendment to the FY 2007 Budget Resolution. This amendment would increase overall spending on education and health programs by $7 billion above President Bush's request for fiscal year (FY) 2007. The House Budget Committee will begin consideration of the Budget Resolution on Wednesday March 29 at 10:30 a.m.


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